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  1. Hi there, I am new in Large Format. I just picked up a Sinar f1. Everything on it is great minus the bubble levels on it. Is there a way to replace them?
  2. My first call would be to the Sinar distributor for your country- it is possible these levels are still stocked as parts and could be sold to you directly:
  3. They are usually stocked. Check back with us when you get the prices, if the prices are anything like here in the US, one can get awfully creative for what those levels cost.
  4. McMaster-Carr at has a large selection of small bubble levels.
    - Leigh
  5. Yes, they do. Including some approximately the proper dimensions If yours is simply dry there are ways to repair that as well.
  6. I recently got a Calumet 400series and had to splurge. The below device is kinda cool. Has rare earth magnets for grip. Quite repeatable. I cut 5 mil thick 400 series stainless into a few small strips and siliconed them to the camera standards in a couple of places. (400 is magnetic)

    That lets me judge tilts (no scale on that model camera). Now I get real close on the first try instead of a lot of fiddling racking focus in and out to judge the right amt of tilt. Old eyeballs need a lot of help.

    McMaster Carr; better than chocolate.

  7. You should be able to find a selection of bubble levels at any decent hardware store.
    - Henry
  8. Sadly Harry, like decent photography stores, decent hardware stores have all but disappeared.
  9. You might consider these electronic levels:
    A video is located here:
  10. how do you take the level off the camera? It looks like the levels are glued on the the plastic piece thats mounted on the camera.
  11. Usually the levels are 'glued' with silicone. You can use a thin screw driver and either push them sideways or lift them out at one end. Use some silicone to fasten the new levels. Silicone will give you several minutes to calibrate the level for your camera. After you've fixed it in a leveled position, don't touch it for a couple of hours, until the silicone dried up. (At least this is how I fix the levels in my Arca Swiss).
  12. the sinar bubble levels are always dry on the cameras. Personally I find them useless. if I really need a level I use one of those small ones you can attach to the hot shoe. if you want to replace the bubble leve on the sinar you can buy then on Ebay for $9, just type in "sinar bubble level" goodluck.

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