Sinar Camera Range?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by peter_yardley, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Can someone illuminate me as to the Sinar 4x5" range: what is the difference
    between a Sinar P2, a Sinar X and a Sinar F?
    its all a little confusing.

  2. I would be interested, too.

    To contribute something - there is also the Sinar Alpina which differs in that the rail is proprietary and fits none of the other Sinars, but they are usually priced very low. I got an excellent one for $75.
  3. In 25 words or less, the P2 is the top of the line, the X is a scaled back P2 (some features omitted), and the F is their entry level model.
    You can check out all the specs in the B&H catalog. They're in the "Large Format - View" section.
  4. The most excpensive is not always the best. The Sinar P, and later P2 is a very nice smooth and heavy camera that is the most easy yo operate. The F annd F 2 are not that fine, but much lighter, and therefore better to carry around. The old Sinar Norma is light too, but not so easy to focus as the P and P2, because the tilt axis is below the focusingscreen. The Norma is very well buildt. The Sinar C is Sinar P back and F front. It is wise to stick to the roundbenchSinars, because most Sinars from Norma and later are using this bench, and you can use whatever standards you like to put together a long or short camera. The extensionbenches are not very excpensive used, and there are lots of them around.
  5. Peter,

    The most basic of Sinar view cameras, the F2, can be upgraded so that, ultimately, it
    becomes a P2 model. In other words, pretty much ALL of the parts can be exchanged in
    the process.

    Although some shooters do take their P2 and X into the field, they are very heavy and are
    really meant for studio work. The cameras are replete with geared movements on both the
    front and rear standards. Plus, they have a 2-point focusing mechanism and depth of field
    calculators built in. The P2 allows you to upgrade to either a 5x7 or 8x10. The X version
    that I presently have... does not. I believe that there is a version that does allow the same
    upgrade though.

    The F2 is the entry model into the product line and is, IMHO, a fine camera as well. It does
    not have the geared movements of the above models but then, it also comes in at a small
    fraction of the cost of either the X or P2. And, again, you can grow into the system from

    For field work, personally speaking, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending that you go with
    the F2 from the Sinar lineup.

    Here's a link that should give you the information you're looking for:

    When I first started looking at these cameras I had the retailer set up a meeting with the
    Sinar representative to go through the different models with me. (I use both the X and F2
    in my work and have done for the past 8 years.) I'm sure your retailer would be happy to
    do the same for you.

    Lastly, I would definitely agree that you go with the rounded rail system rather than the
    square version of the older models.

  6. Just to point out; you can use asymmetric tilts or swings (but not both at the same time with the F2). For asymmetric swings, just shift both standards by the same amount and voila! the center swing becomes asymmetric. If you turn the camera on its side, the same motion becomes an asymmetric tilt.

    Of course, there is a calculator wheel if you prefer to use that, but I find that asymmetric movements make life much simpler.

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