Sinar bellows maintenance

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by dave_schneider, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. I purchased a Sinar bellows to get additional extension using an
    intermediate standard. The bellows has not been used at all but sat
    on the shelf in shop. It is very dusty on the surface and rather
    dried out. It sort of creaks when extended. I have vacuumed the dust
    off as well as I can. What is the recommendation for cleaning and
    maintenance? I have read here that Armor-All is good or it isn't.
    Lexol is good but not if the bellows is synthetic. I believe these
    bellows are synthetic, can anyone confirm that? They are a standard
    4x5 bellows as supplied on the F series camera. What do you suggest
    to prolong the life of these bellows?
  2. New Sinar bellows often behave like that when having been compressed for a long time. It should probably be OK. Use it as the "first" bellows for a while and it will behave as it should, without the noices, after a little while.
  3. If the bellows in question is synthetic and was long time exposed to sun rays the synthetic material is dammaged and became breakable. In such a case there is no cure to it... I hope it's not the case.

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