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  1. Gas, I am looking for a simple computer based imaging software that has preset effects for images . What do you suggest? I know I can design my own presets in photo shop, but that is not what I'm looking for.
  2. Hi Gregory, see my response in this thread. IMHO, it depends a lot on whether you already use other imaging software. Many 3rd party 'plugin' filters are available for Lightroom and Photoshop. 'Sharing 'apps like Instagram, etc also offer a range of effects. Finally, the free 'Photoshop Express' app (amongst others) offers a range of effects.

    I have the same 'plugin' filters (effects) in both Lightroom and PS. PS has one option that Lightroom doesn't have: colour lookup tables (LUTS). These create effects too. Many are free, some are paid

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  3. Paint Shop Pro has a variety of effects. It's not too expensive when on sale. It has its shortcomings but I've used it for years with little trouble.
  4. I suggest you check out DXO Photo Lab 3. It has presets built into it that can be applied when you open every new image. I started to use it in January 2020 and really like it. You can download a 30 day trial for free. If you decide to buy it, it comes in two versions, Essential and Elite. Both allow you to access all of the NIK Collection plug ins without leaving the program if you decide to use them. I suggest you check out the NIK Collection too if DXO PL3 looks like it will meet your needs. Both work on windows and Mac systems.

    DxO PhotoLab 3 - The Most Advanced Photo Editing Software
  5. Nik Collection from google times is the thing to look from old software sources. When used in standalone mode Color Efex Pro fits the description.

    If not prepared to purchase DXO Photo Lab, the older Optics Pro 10 and 11 also have multiple presets option.
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  6. Right now Serif Software has Affinity Photo on sale for 50% off, which makes it only $25. This is a full-featured program, but basic editing is easy enough, and, if you like NIK plugins, they work within Affinity Photo. see, Affinity – Professional Creative Software
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  7. If using a Mac, Photos is simple and has presets.

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