Silver Oxide 1.5v EPX625?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by gary_watson, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Martin recently mentioned in the Equipment Forum he'd found an
    Energizer silver oxide replacement for the mercury 1.35v PX 625. I've
    never seen a "replacement" from any manufacturer of EPX625 cells to
    date that's not alkaline. Just curious where in the GTA you're buying
    these, Martin?
  2. I bought them last year at a variety store in Yordale mall. I particularly checked that it had "silver oxide 1.5v" printed on the
  3. Old stock and/or an off-brand item? I'm asking since neither Energizer or Duracell currently list anything other than alkaline EPX 625s.
  4. The silver oxide EPX625 cell I bought were made in Germany
  5. I did specifically looked for these cells, when I see them, I usually buy a few to stock up, not easy to find.
  6. Looks like you never throw anything out, Martin! in Walkerton said these were likely very *old* stock(i.e., mid-'90s), since they've not been on the N.A. market for years--if at all, officially.The stale date suggests that, along with the Spanish text. They're the wrong voltage, anyway.
  7. Gary, "you never seen" does't mean " never exist".<p>
    Throw away ? why ? year 2002 is not over yet.
    <p>Nah, I shall keep them indefinitely, just as material evidence
    in case Gary annouces in some forum that "silver oxide px625"
    never exist<p>
    Silver oxide cell has long shelf life. I think these cell will work
    till 2004
  8. GAry wrote " in Walkerton said these were likely very *old* stock(i.e., mid-'90s)'<p>

    Walterton told you that ??

    My message was posted 7:32 pm, by 7:55 you already phoned them
    and got answer ? How convenient !
  9. Just look at the following link:

    You might get some help...
  10. Called them yesterday afternoon, Martin. I was curious about the silver oxide variant because told me in early 2000 there was a chance that a 1.4v silver PX 625 might be produced to replace the just-discontinued merc. cell. It never materialized. Walkerton(and Duracell) knew nothing about the silver 625 and did insist none are in any of the wholesale-retail channels presently. They suggested there might have been some around during the mid-90s. What jobbers pick up from who-knows-where is another matter, and I suspect that's what you bought. The point, though, is, that aside from dollar stores or convenience marts in Yorkdale, they're not currently available as fresh stock in Canada.
  11. Gary, I don't use PX625 that much, as I use my Rollei 35s only occasionally. From time to time I picked up some 1.35 v PX625, until
    I could not find them any more. I am aware that some US stores carry
    them, but it is not convenient.<p>
    I remember that 1.5 v silver oxide 625 replacement for 1.35v had being
    around for quite some times. Rollei distributor in USA recommended
    owners of Rollei 35 cameras to send their camera to Rollei to adjust
    the meter for the higher voltage of silver oxide 625 cell; I think
    those 1.5 v silver oxide 625 were made by Mallory, with a different
    designation, not '625'.
    <p>When my 1.5 v 625 run out, I shall buy a CRS MR-9.
    <p>There is same problem with respect to 5.6 V px27, the battery I use
    in my TLX and C;however 6 v SPX625 is readily available on the market. I think it is quite possible some battery manufacturers in asia may produce silver oxide version of 625.<p>
  12. The only problem(aside from price!)with the MR9 is that it's slightly thicker than a PX 625. This can make a difference with some cameras whose battery covers aren't threaded very deeply--worth checking before you order one, Martin. It's especially problematic with the old Nikon Photomic FTn metered finders that swallowed two PX625s--a very tight fit with two MR9s.
  13. Gary, try Energizer 1.5 v silver oxide 386 cell, this cell has same diameter as MS76 but thinner; using 386 instead of 76 cell in MR-9
    may solve the tightness problem
  14. FWIW: I have had good luck with the WEIN versions of the above. I have meters and cameras that use PX625 and the WEIN batteries work. I have investigated the costs of conversions to the new batteries, and while not prohibitive, I have not jumped into it. 1 Konica T3 is converted and works great with the new cells. I think CRIS makes a little gizmo that works with a button cell to convert it to 1.35v. But kind of spendy if you need several!
  15. Jeff, re: Wein cell

    The Zinc air Wein cell was invented by former Shutterbug editor
    Bob Shell.
  16. Wein cells are OK but pricey for their short service life. This link suggests a ridiculously cheap and easy alternative using easy-to-find hearing aid batteries. Bob may have had a hand in developing the Wein cell but he sure didn't invent the zinc-air battery!

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