Silica Gel Reuse

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  1. Yes you can reactivate them by baking till the color indicators go clear, usually 135 or so. Remember they will start absorbing right away & they won't be an a sealed environment so replace or recharge regularly.
  2. I think that in order to keep the lawyers at bay, you should probably enclose the thing (whatever that thing is, I have forgotten by this point in the story) in sealed wax and carefully enclose it in concrete w/ a large warning that says, well, WARNING I guess. Then carefully bury it in the desert somewhere w/ a coded message as how to find it and legally extract it from Mother Earth. Or shoot, why not just do what our government does with radioactive waste? Throw it in lots of big 'ol steel drums and bury it somewheres in the New Mexico desert. Or throw it into the oceans in barrels, along w/ about a dozen other countries between 1946 and 1993. We will avoid discussing where the radioactive waste from the Fukushima little snafu will be thrown :]

    Ed, I lived in both places, and the only thing I can compare Puerto Rico's humidity and dew points to would be places in the Deep South and Florida. Hawaii, thankfully, usually has the trades, so things are not nearly as brutal there. Of course, there are those two active volcanoes on the Big Island, the tsunami concerns, the VOG from said active volcanoes, the locals, etc. So its always gonna be something, but it probably will not be silica gel packets. What I learned from life in those humid climates was that it wasn't so much that the A/C made things cooler, but that it took the moisture out of the air, which sure as heck made you feel cooler.

    But even in Hawaii, the last time I threw a leather belt into the top of a closet in Kea'au (where there was little to no air circulation), a month later I took it down and it had turned from a nice leather brown to moldy green.
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