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  1. on the famous web site there is 135mm F-1.8 lens but what makes me ask about it is the Fact that it has Horizontal
    and vertical degree marking on it , I do not see any thing to indicate that is a shift type lens :
    here it is: SIGMATEL/OLYMPUS 135mm f1.8 LENS
  2. I think that scale is in feet or inches, (don't know for sure), to show the relative size of your object in the frame. It's not degrees. It just indicates size when you focus.
  3. Those markings are very strange. I can think of no relevance for them.
  4. Cliff Manley I can see what you now but a first I could have sworn that a degree symbol was need new glass's thanks cliff:
  5. Maury Cohen: I am with you on that also ?? maybe some engineer around here will drop by and explain this one: Lauren
  6. I think it is to give you a relative idea how far from an object you need to be to fill the frame. For instance if the object is 2 feet tall and you are going to fit it in a portrait orientation, you set that marking on the dial then read the focus scale and it will tell you how far away you need to be, rather than just trial and error moving back and forth to try to frame a subject.
    Moving back and forth is a real pain when you're doing it on a tripod and trying to frame something. Much easier with a zoom lens to frame.
  7. Cliff thanks a lot that is like the Sig formula in focusing I do not know how to spell that word , I may know and how it applies but there is where it ends:
  8. One could always ask the seller, not that they'd know...
  9. Here is a close up of that lens. The scale is marked in meters. You can see that when focused at about 11 or 12 meters you will get a 2x3 meter frame.
  10. That's a lot of money for that particular lens.
  11. Note also that being a YS-Mount lens, you don't get full meter coupling. YS-Mount gives you auto-aperture, but no meter coupling. (There were some exceptions of YS-Mounts where they kludged meter coupling, but it's not a general capability of the YS-Mount system.)
  12. I think it's over priced too by abt 5x.
  13. You're right; it was called the Sigma Scalematic System, and so far as I can make out the dimensions shown on the scale are the actual dimensions (in feet and inches) of the image at a given focal setting, both vertical and horizontal measurements being indicated. Never used it, myself. It's actually a surprisingly good lens; the link to the auction appears to be dead but I've seen them go for around $700. I did a bit of a thing on them a while ago.
  14. OOPs!! Above should read "focus setting", not "focal setting"...Too early, not enough coffee...
  15. The plate on that lens, the scale is clearly marked in Meters not feet and inches. Ahead of the scale is marked 10deg30min above15deg15min which is likely the view angle of the lens. That scale is just a piece of glued on aluminum to give you some extra information if you want it. It does nothing but sit there as a stuck on scale. I can't imagine someone paying $700 for one. I would think in this day and age when people are throwing them away anything over $80 to $100 would be too much. It's just a 135mm lens. Yeah it's fast but it doesn't perform well "Fast", you need to stop it down. So why not use a smaller and lighter lens to start with? I still can't imagine someone spending $700 on one of these! I think the saying is, a fool and his money are soon parted!
  16. You're right, Cliff, that copy is definitely marked in metric. I don't really know what practical use the tinny little strip would be, and I agree with you about the price. The lens seems to have some sort of cult following, as some lenses have; I paid $40 for my less-than-pristine copy...Followers of any photographic craze have never made much sense to me. Other than collecting old cameras, that is....
  17. ...Followers of any photographic craze have never made much sense to me. Other than collecting old cameras, that is....​
    If it doesn't make "sense", it usually makes dollars !
    I sold my Spiratone 135/1.8 (cousin or Rick's and Lauren's Sigmatel) for a few bucks shy of $200 recently - and it had haze issues on rear glass.
    They're fun lenses, but only if you get 'em cheap. I liked mine on the Nikon dslr for some portraits, but found it a real beast when screwed onto smaler cameras.
  18. Well this seller had a reserve on it and it never got over 250.00 and did not sell so he put it back at this new price . I am only interested in the markings on the lens that's all :
  19. The Sigmatel has a unique optical design which is quite different to the two Spiratone versions. The more common of the two Spiratone versions has an 82mm filter thread, like the Porst, Sun, and Soligor but the Sigmatel only has a 77mm filter thread:

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