Sigma Mini-wide Ii 28mm F/2.8 Lens

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ruth_moura, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Got myself a Canon eos 3000 SLR 35mm to start learning to shoot film.
    Also bought a Sigma Mini-wide Ii 28mm F/2.8 Lens separately as it was soooo cheap, got it for 10 quid on Ebay. Anyways do you think this old lens will work with the eos 3000 SLR?

    I could have checked first but the lens had like 3 mins to go & I had to bid on it. LOL
  2. Technically we need more specification (description, or some pictures) of the lens to give you an answer yes or no. Sigma made the same lens for different cameras, the one you bought may or may not be made for your camera
    Based on the price, I would guess No, because if it works the seller would likely sell for a lot more
  3. Ye probably :-/ I aint received it yet. It said it was for canon (Sigma Mini-Wide II 1:28 Lens - Canon). & below's the link 4 the image.
  4. Just look at the picture, I am sure that it won't work on your camera or any Canon EOS camera. It's very unlikely for any Canon camera at all including the very old ones. It looks like one for a Pentax camera
  5. Well, it may well be for Canon, but I think that the 'A' on it may mean that it is for the "new" FD-mount Canon cameras like the T90 or the AE-1 Program that preceded the EOS mount.
    It may be a fine lens--Sigma did quite well--but, if it is FD, any adapter that would let you use it on a EOS camera has to include a minus lens and will necessarily degrade the quality somewhat. It will not focus or stop-down the aperture automatically on an EOS camera, even with an adapter, but you could meter through it with the aperture manually stopped down.
  6. Hi JDM,
    Like I said, I'm not 100% sure it's not an FD lens, but the white dot is in the position for a Pentax K lens
  7. The lens shown above is not the lens in the auction link (Sigma Mini-Wide II 1:28 Lens - Canon).
    Nevertheless, it's 10 quid down the drain, as the lens in the auction is manual focus, presumably FD, and will not work on your EOS.
  8. I have this Sigma lens in M42 mount. It performs OK on my Canon DSLR but it doesn't have a M/A switch so I just replace it with a Chinon (also 28mm 2.8 in M42 mount)
  9. It is definitely not a Canon EOS lens and so won't work very well with the EOS 300. If it is Canon FD then it could be made to work with an adapter, but will not work with any of the normal functionality provided by EOS lenses. It will only work in stop down mode. The adpater will need optics to achieve infinity focus and that will degrade image quality.
    If it is Pentax K then, it might also be adpated but some surgery might be required to remove the aperture lever and any shield that lever may have in order to clear the EOS 300 mirror. It still won't work except in stop down mode, manual focus only.
    On the whole I would say what is the point. A cheap EOS zoom will likely give as good pictures. The Canon EF 28 f2.8 is cheap and will be much better, and the Canon 50 f1.8 is very cheap too.
    On the positive side, you haven;t wasted mch money and these old lenses make interesting ornaments to put on one's bookshelves.
  10. I had one that looked just like that but without the A, it was for Nikon F mount and was a very nice lens indeed

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