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  1. Three from a Sigma DP2 Merrill

    Copper Beech.jpg

    Autumn #3 copy.jpg

    Prism copy.jpg
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  2. Sandy Vongries

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    These are all wonderful - if it weren't for Raw and all of the hoops to jump through to get output I'd be sorely tempted. Sometimes even great ideas fail!
  3. Foveon has it own disadvantageness. Lowlight noise, against the light, tracking ability, read/record speed, etc. These things make it almost disappear in the thin air.
    Let's remain it alive here, at least.
  4. Yes, the cameras and processing are primitive. However, I began my photographic career with my head under a dark cloth, peering into the back of a Sinar 4x5 camera; everything that's happened since has sort of washed around me, and I've sampled all the developments in film and digital. In a sense, the Sigmas take me back to the Sinar; clunky, inconvenient and demanding of the photographer, but capable of extraordinarily arresting images.

    I originally bought into the Fovenon sensors because I was really impressed by the monochrome capabilities, and found the colour rendition to be something of a bonus. Here's a B&W sample from the DP2 Merrill, using less than half of the original file.

    Elements copy.jpg
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  6. blurrist said:
    It sure is, and not only detail but the very subtle recording of colour and tone. Here's a photograph of an old gum tree that's nearly monochrome, so delicate is the colour rendition. Lovely floral images of yours, BTW.

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  7. I just opened this thread for the first time this morning and am really impressed by the images you guys have created with this system. Absolutely beautiful! Rick, as I have said for many years, your ability to take ordinary subjects and turn them into fine art is just amazing! I hope you guys keep this going. I'm enjoying the pictures that you and blurrist have shared, with all of their incredible detail and color.
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  9. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Fascinating and wonderful, I hope you keep them coming! Brightens a gray day!
  10. From a Sigma DP-2, the original.

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  12. From a DP-2 Merrill

    The last day of April copy.jpg

    The greenkeepers shed copy.jpg
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  13. One more...

    Boating Lake #1 copy.jpg
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  14. A couple of Autumn photographs from a DP-2 Merrill, including one of the first of many barrow loads of leaves I'll rake up before the winter arrives.

    So it begins.jpg

    Autumn 007 copy.jpg

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