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  1. I'm trying to set this up for HSS. I've a Nikon D800. Curiously the manual doesn't mention this however the canon version does. The camera is set to 1/320 what should the sigma setting be for HSS.
  2. The D800 supports auto-FP synch (focal plane or HSS if you must) only when a compatible flash is attached to the hotshoe. The 1/250th or 1/320th maximum X-synch speed has nothing to do with it. The important thing is that "Auto-FP" is enabled in the camera's flash menu.

    As for the flash, it's either FP synch compatible, or it's not. AFAIK there's no special flash menu to set it up.

    With FP synch enabled in the camera menu and the flash switched on and fitted in the hotshoe, see if you can set a manual speed higher than 1/320th. If the camera won't let you then you don't have an "HSS" compatible flash.

    FWIW, FP-synch flash is of very little value if the flash is the main source of light. Even if it's being used as fill, there's almost no real benefit to using a high shutter speed, since the flash power is reduced considerably by being put into its pulse-output mode.

    Edit: I see no mention of FP or HS synch in Sigma's specification. And, boy that thing is expensive for what it does!
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  3. It does indeed HSS. Why it wouldnt work? Turn the flash on before the camera!

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