Sigma 85 1.4 HSM

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  1. Hey all! Just wondering if this has sparked any interest. @ first I kind of shrugged it off but after reading the specs I might re-consider. Unlike Nikon, this Sigma has a much shorter minimum focusing distance, (85cm) to be precise. I find this a huge asset.
  2. I haven't been feeling a need 85 (since I'm so happy with my 70-200/2.8), but having had good luck with a couple of Sigma's primes, I'll confess that I'm really curious to see how it works out. If it's consistent with their 50/1.4, it'll be an interesting addition to the market, that's for sure. I can't imagine anything would make owners of Nikon's 85/1.4 ever even think about it, though!
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    Too true Matt on your last sentence :)
    However it is great news that a third party manufacturer is providing competition to Nikon and not just at the consumer end of the spectrum. Sigma now has credible prime options at 30, 50 and 85 which surely will keep Nikon just that little more on its toes. Actually writing it out like that, it sure looks like a nice trio of fast primes... the core of a great kit for those so inclined...
  4. Does anyone know when these lenses will actually be for sale somewhere? also are there any performance reviews yet? all the reviews ive seen so far including on this site are really just the press release.
  5. I think it is barely announced so far. I will definitely look into it when it become available. Sigma lenses are quite usable if you pick the right one and use it in a correct way...
  6. "Unlike Nikon, this Sigma has a much shorter minimum focusing distance, (85cm) to be precise. I find this a huge asset. "
    Sigma 85/1.4 goes up to 85cm and its largest magnification factor is 1:8.6. AF Nikkor 85/1.4 goes up to 85cm, too, and its largest mag. fac. is 1:8.8. I would say there's no essential difference here.
  7. bold move by sigma--going right up against nikon's cream factory, and with HSM to boot. given the pricing of the 24/1.4, a new AF-S 85/1.4 would have to be upwards of 2 grand. that prince differential alone makes the sigma attractive. if it's anywhere near the current 85/1.4 in terms of IQ, it could be an interesting option.
  8. One would also have to include the superb 70F2.8 FX macro in the Sigma lineup. However, I would like to suggest that Sigma's marketing strategy may be slightly off--optical excellence not withstanding! With the exception of the 30F1.4 DX lens, all of the super Sigma primes have full frame FX coverage. People that can easily afford full frame digital cameras will not be quibbling at the greater cost of their selected manufacturer's primes.Even hard pressed pros will tend to want the matching brand due to family behavior of the rest of their lenses and the guaranteed reliability of operation and interfacing issues. Given that DX cameras still comprise over 90 percent of all digital slrs sold, I believe Sigma would have made a much greater impact if they had offered DX equivalents to the 85F1.4 and 100F2.0 portrait lenses. I suspect that the 30F1.4 has been the main success of the Sigma line since it's introduction--given that for a while it was the ONLY fast DX prime offered by anyone. Note the runaway success of the Nikon 35F1.8 DX normal which was generally out-of-stock at dealers for weeks on end. Can you imagine a 70F1.4 DX lens with half the weight and cost of the FX 85F1.4 or FX 100F2.0?

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