SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM for Four Thirds System

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  1. Went online to look for a comparison but could not find one, so here goes:

    If you were to compare the new SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM for Four Thirds System VS. the Olympus 50MM
    lense. Which lens do you think will still Autofocus quicker? I am primarily going to base this on Indoor Fashion
    Shows so the Autofocus will be on continuous mode.

    I guess I just want to know if the Olympus lense Autofocus motor will still be faster than the NEW Sigma 50MM lens.

    Thanks for any input! :)
  2. I hope that this is not the same lens already in Nikon and Canon mounts. That lens is way larger than most full size 35mm lenses. I would rather look for a Fast Zuiko 35mm lens and use an adapter. can you imagen a lens almost the same size as the camera body in a 50mm.
  3. Sorry Harvey.

    Sigma has never created a new lens specifically for the four thirds mount. Four thirds rides on the coattails of the larger Nikon and Canon markets.
  4. I have the 1.4/30 Sigma for 4/3s. It is not very fast focusing but okay. The only problem with the Olympus 2/50 macro is the long focusing range which slows it down very much if it starts to hunt. Otherwise I would guess it would be at least as fast as the Sigma. I don't have the macro lens but I have tried it and it did not strike me as slow. From these two, I would certainly choose the Olympus lens. I would not recommend, at least without serious reservations, a fast OM Zuiko lens as an alternative. Few OM lenses perform really well on 4/3s. I think the 1.4/50 is built for full frame (24x36mm) while the 1.4/30 is built for APS sized sensors. Both cover 4/3 with a wide margin, which is not a bad thing since the better centre portion is used, but obviously the 1.4/50 is much bigger than it needs to be for the 2x crop sensor in 4/3s.
  5. I hear an FD mount adapter is comming out. Canon always had fast 50mm lenses, maybe their 50 f/1.4 was smaller.
  6. If you are choosing a manual focus 50/1.4 then the Zuiko 50/1.4 is just dandy and very compact. The Sigma 50/1.4 looks pretty good, except that it is at least the size of a 50/1.2 if not bigger then some 50/1.2s which I think is a bit much.
  7. Matthew the Sigma is definately larger than my Nikon f/1.2, and my Pentax 50mm f/1.4.
  8. Thanks for the response so far. But it looks like only 1 person really read the question and answered it apporpriately.

    So here it is again ;) -> Which of the 2 listed lense would be the faster,better performer for CONTINUOUS AUTOFOCUS? Sigma or Olympus??!? So far Olympus 1 Sigma 0.

    BTW, I really DONT CARE ABOUT CANON.....this is a OLYMPUS thread,... ;P lol
  9. Manual focus lens would certainly be slower in autofocus...

    I doubt many people have actual user experience on both the 1.4/50 Sigma and a 2/50 Olympus. I certainly would not buy both of those lenses. I hope somebody with actual user experience of 2/50 will comment on its real life focusing speed. But to get a valid answer, I'm afraid you have to go to a shop that carries them both and try it out.
  10. I found some info on Dpreview that may answer your question on these lenses.

    Look at autofocus section of this page

    We expect many potential buyers will be interested in comparing the 50mm F2 Macro to the Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM, which has been recently announced in Four Thirds mount. Our recent review of this lens (albeit in Canon EF mount) should give a good idea of what to expect; the Sigma is likely to be no slouch on Four Thirds, but unsurprisingly for a lens designed for a format with four times the area, won't quite achieve the same stellar levels of sharpness we see from the Olympus macro. The faster maximum aperture and more refined ring-type USM focusing will surely make the Sigma a compelling option for portrait shooters, but in all other regards the Zuiko is likely to be the better all-round option.


    The Zuiko is about the size of the Pentax in size, look at the comparison photo that show how large the Sigma lens is. This is because it covers the 35mm FF that is 4 times the 4/3 frame. The only reason I can see it being your choose is the HSM motor and if you get an E3 the speed should be closer since its should have a higher torque motor.

    Hope this helped.
  11. i have the 50mm f2 oly. its starting to seem a little sluggish in really low light. but, in normal situations its good.

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