Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 is worthless !

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jonj, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Just bought this lens brand new from B&H and it back focuses from 35-24mm I had to switch to my back-up which
    worked fine. I advise anyone who wants to use this lens for wedding photography or really any photography it's
    worthless past 35mm.

    Oh the back-up is a cheap Tokina 19-35mm and it was right on point!
  2. People complain about Sigmas AF being off daily here. Don`t you read the posts.

    Return it and Sigma will correct it. They just have lousy QC on this point. Plus flaky paint.
  3. Nope I don't read them I stay on the wedding forum 99% of the time just thought I'd share my findings over here as well.
  4. If we're talking anecdotal evidence, mine focuses perfectly and is tack sharp from wide open, for what it's worth.
  5. I've had two EX lenses that had focus issues from Sigma. I've sent both in, and they both focus perfectly now. Despite these issues I still hold their EX lenses in high regard, and the 30mm f1.4 is one of my favorite lenses.
  6. speaking of the 30/1.4...
  7. hmm...Front focused.

    Scratch's stomach and left sleeve are in focus and his face is out.

    This complicates things.
  8. could have been user error :) here's one from the following night,
  9. i think i might have used a different area-AF setting in the second shot, so the first pic wouldn't be the sigma's fault. also, the stage lighting for the first pic was monochromatic (purple light which blends w/ black), while the second is tri-colored which is contrastier and easier on AF systems. as you can see, the second has more 'pop' to it. i still like the first, though. and yes, that is a lit stick of insence in his hat.
  10. here's another pic from the first night. i got lucky to get a bit of backlight which silhouetted him. stage lighting can be a bit tricky since it changes so frequently. that's not really the lens' fault either.
  11. ...and of course, there's less margin for error at 1.4.
  12. I doubt that every Sigma 24-70mm is defective. If you ended up with a bad Nikon lens, would that mean that ALL Nikon lenses of that type were worthless? Not all Nikon lenses are without issues - I have owned a couple that needed service.
  13. Eric,

    Yup...margin of error focusing a wide open 1.4? Like, there isn't any.

    Bet Scratch wasn't standing perfectly still for you, either.

    Good stuff.

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