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  1. What's the word on the Sigma 150-600? I've been reading and it seems to review better than the Canon 100-400.
    A couple of my friends bought them and swear by them.
  2. Which one - the Sports or the Contemporary?
  3. I got the sports. I'm still trying to find literature on the contemporary. Camera shops stock the sports because it costs more. I bought it because I shoot a lot of birds and I needed something more capable of fast-draw shooting.
  4. Comparing on , at 400mm and f/8, the Sigma is just a tiny bit softer. Of course, there's no comparison at 600mm! Weight could be an issue at 3.4-lb vs. 6.31-lb.
  5. I don't think it tests better than the 100-400mm II, but people may be saying it is more useful for wildlife as it has a larger zoom range. But there again it is also much larger. I am not even sure that the 100-400mm + 1.4 III is not marginally better than the Sigma at 560mm, but certainly TCs are a pain to add and remove. The main question is whether the AF is up to the same standard as the Canon. From what I have read and heard the answer is it is a close second, so that is good.
  6. I reviewed the Tamron and both Sigma 150-600mm lenses earlier this year (January) in a side my side comparison review for, but the review has not yet been published here for some reason.
    The Sigma 150-600 C is a good lens. The S version may be a little better. My own review can be found here -
    My S review can be found at
    After my review, I bought the Sigma 150-600 myself. The Sport version is better built, but is twice the price, significantly heavier, and not really any sharper.
    I don't know when the comparison review(s) will be published. That's out of my direct control.
  7. Nice review Bob. I really enjoyed the bird poop on the roof shot. I often, unintentionally, get the same type of shot. ;-)
    The AF time seemed quite slow to me, but I'm using the EF 500/f4 II, which may be a champ in that test, even with the 1.4x TC-III attached. Did the AF time vary with the body used, like when going from a Canon 7D MkII to a 1D-X with a 2x TC mounted on an f/4 lens?
  8. I didn't try any ultrafast AF bodies. I had a 70D, a 6D and an 7D (Mk 1) and I didn't see any difference in AF speed. AF is probably limited by the lens. At f6.3 blazing fact AF probably isn't likely. The Canon primes are faster.
  9. I did try the Tamron 150-600mm last year in July 2015. I am leaning towards Sigma 150-600 mm
  10. Consider the weight and size. Even the worst lens in your backpack is better than the best lens that you left at home due to size/weight.
  11. Sigma just had a firmware update for the 150-600 that increases focus speed. I have the C version and can tell the difference after the upgrade. Do it yourself in 10 minutes with the Sigma Dock.
  12. Thanks. I'm registered. I wonder why I didn't get a notification.
  13. Actually, when it comes to weight. I'm converting a golf cart. I've already modified a wagon. But it makes too much noise.

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