Sigma 12-24mm for Film Cameras?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by robert meier, May 13, 2004.

  1. Is the Sigma 12-24mm lens like the Nikon 12-24mm in its coverage?
    As I understand it, the Nikon 12-24 doesn't cover the full 24x36mm
    area of the film, but only the reduced area of the D70. What does
    the Sigma cover? And how good is it?
  2. The 12-24 from Sigma is a full frame lens. It will work with 35mm film SLR's as well as Nikon digital SLR's that have the 1.5X magnification factor.
    The Sigma is the only 12mm lens in the world to fit an SLR and to cover 24x36mm.
    As for the quality of the lens, build is very very good. You will be told that the Nikkor 12-24 is much much better by people who dont own either.
    In a recent full blown test in Amateur Photographer(a British weekly magazine that has been in publication for about 150 years)and was given a very nice 92% if I remember right.

  3. This month's Practical Photography (British photo mag--this isn't
    the one you were thinking of, was it, Rob?) features a
    comparison of various wide-angle zooms. They gave it a high
    rating--if I recall correctly (I don't have it at hand, but read it
    yesterday), it was the highest-rated among the lenses tested,
    and was extremely well recommended in light of its very
    reasonable price, combined with its strong performance.

    Not sure about how accurate their ratings are regarded as being,
    although I think they are probably more credible than (certain)
    fawning American publications. They certainly did not refrain
    from criticising what they perceived to be weaknesses in the
    lenses on review.
  4. FYI, the Nikon 12-24mm is not specifically designed for the D70, but for all of the Nikon D-SLRs. I'm saving up for the Sigma, personally.
  5. jbq


    It covers, but illumination in the far corners at 12mm isn't perfect.
  6. I want to know if anybody have used the 12-24 with a Nikon N6006 body.
    I did but the camera don't want to recognize thet the lens is set at the smaller aperture. So it gives me an "fEE" error message. It happens also in P and S modes.
  7. I just bought one and had a fiddle on my EOS 5 (my 10D was with Canon, so I went to the attic.....)

    It was ok. I haven't tried it out properly yet though. I was taking full face portraits from 10cm with the af switched off (too close) and F16. So as to sharpness, I couldn't really say...

    I wouldn't buy a Mars Bar on the reccomendation of Amateur Photographer. Useless bunch of self-gratifying wankers. And the Magazine staff are just as bad.....
  8. I take it that you also didnt learn any manners from AP in their 120 years of publication.
  9. It's a full frame lens, and playing with the 12mm perspective is pretty wild. As you'd expect there's some light falloff in the corners, but geometric distortion is well controlled. Here's a quick shot I took with one on an F100.
  10. "I take it that you also didnt learn any manners from AP in their 120 years of publication."

    Good point. I was out of order.
  11. Hi Michael; with which cameras does the 12-24 work completely?.(I mean, changing the apertures at camera body, because I tried this with my old N6006 and it doesn't work). I want to have a film body in which I can use it. Please, help me.
  12. Osvaldo, like the G-series Nikkor lenses the 12-24mm does not have an aperture ring. You can use it in S or P modes on your 6006, but in A or M you're stuck at minimum aperture.

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