Shutter speed very sensitive. Is ok?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by vernon_jenewein, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. New Bronica SQ-AI (to me - last Thursday 2-4-16) and trying out the setting and shutter with blank film back,
    and using multi exposure mode to set the shutter. I have an AE-Prism Finder -S that has the On-Off switch on
    the left side and Manual-Auto on the right side. Just found out tonight that if I set it to "Auto" no matter
    what shutter speed is selected on the dial on the left, it sets the shutter according to the metered light and
    what the aperture is. But!!! I have had the darndest issue with trying to get a reading on the light meter and
    setting off the shutter. I try to very lightly touch the shutter and I can sometimes get the reading, IE 60,
    125, 250, 30 so on. And other times as I am trying to get the shutter to read, KER-CHUNK the mirror goes up
    and the shutter releases.

    Is anyone else having this same issue? Or is mine just a very sensitive shutter release?
  2. Late night and pain medication did not help with the title. It should have read "shutter release button VERY sensitive"

    If mine is typical, there are probably millions of photos taken that were a surprise. Wish it had a simple button to push to get the proper meter reading of shutter speed. Having it tied into the shutter release button is not a bad idea if the button had enough travel to be less of a PITA to keep from firing.

    I've had to depress shutter release buttons before on cameras to invoke the meter, but none of them have ever come close to this. It's like a double set trigger on a rifle that makes it a hair trigger when the front trigger is pulled to "set the trigger". Way to sensitive when I am struggling to see the little viewfinder image of the shutter speed at the moment.

  3. Sounds like a worn/deformed shutter release switch inside the camera. The shutter should not operate until the shutter release is fully depressed. (generic camera operation, standard)
  4. I got in an accessory today for the SQ-Ai, a speed winder. I took off the crank on the right side to advance the film, added this holder and got everything aligned. Tried a few shots on a blank back in multi exposure mode. Works GREAT!!! I tried the meter and low and behold I can NOW press down a bit without tripping the shutter. I notice that this also has it's own on/off switch of sorts for the shutter release. I like that it has a hot shoe on the right side as well. I REALLY like that.

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