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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by alpshiker, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. The Calumet shutter tester has been unavailable for more that six months. I wonder if someone would know of another source for this item or even who makes it? Thanks!
  2. Paul, I just bought one from Calumet about two months ago. Their on-line catalog had it has having to be backordered, but I got it in less than two weeks.
  3. I got one from Calumet about 5 months ago. I actually got two as the first one was
    defective and replaced.
  4. Great! Thanks for your feedback. I was told in november that it was not available until january. Then they told me to watch the availability from their website, what I have done until now... I'll try place an order if their policy is to get them on orders.
  5. Paul,

    Another alternative is to get a dual-use item. For example, the Mantis densitometer also works as a shutter tester, and one of the enlarger laser alignment devices works as a shutter tester too.

    The Mantis is no longer in production, but they sell for rediculously low prices on Ebay.

  6. Thanks Michael. I've also seen a nice device made in Poland recently. At $99, the Calumet is not too expensive and is also easy to use. Maybe not worth taking the risk of getting a defective device.
  7. Paul,

    Look in the archives for plans for building a shutter tester. It uses a freeware program and your computer, and a cheap laser pointer. It's very simple to build, ( 3 or 4 componets), soldered together. I built mine for under $10.00 buying the parts from Radio Shack. The solder was $3.00 of the total. I put the tester in a small cardboard box I had on hand, 2 x 3 x 3 inches. I later added a small on/off switch. The laser pen I borrowed from my son. The freeware program goes 3 or 4 places to the right of the decimal.

    The only drawback is that in order to use the tester, I have to be at my computer at home. I test my lenses every so often, and have a piece of tape on the lens cap with the actual speeds written on it for lenses that are 1/3 or more out of time.
  8. Dee, yep I had seen the posts about this home built device. I'm sure I would have gone through the hassle a few years ago but I am now struggling to find the time to replace a bellows that I have received more than a month ago and to simply take a day off on the beaten tracks once in a while. Not to mention reorganizing my office, sorting my slides, fixing my car and a few dozen tasks the like! It seems that I am running out of time! But thanks, others may benefit.
  9. If you happen to also be in the market for a darkroom timer, the Metrolux timer can also be used as a shutter speed tester.

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