Shutter speed dial on M6ttl

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by jim_cain, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. I have a recently acquired model, virtually unused.? I am?familiar?with most every other M
    model but not an M6ttl.? Lets say you cock the shutter and then turn the speed dial to
    "off'". Presumably, the light meter is now "off"--and then you press the shutter button--the
    shutter opens and when you release the button, it closes. Obviously the "bulb" setting
    which is adjacent to the "off" setting, is operative.

    Is this normal?
  2. Works that way in my camera. The off setting just turns off the electronics. Shutter is mechanical and still works as on B. A bit silly really, would be good to lock the whole thing to prevent accidental exposures when camera is in the bag.
  3. Ilkka, do you mean like the combination shutter and meter lock on the M7?
  4. The off is only for the light meter, all other speeds work as normal without the batteries or if you put it on OFF it's on bulb
  5. If you wind the camera, there is no way to prevent the shutter from releasing if you put it in the bag and something presses the release. The Off position just turns off the power consumption but the shutter still releases. I think M7 like switch would be better, that is separate from the speed dial and also locks the shutter button. Now it is just inconvenient to turn the speed dial from, say, 1/250 all the way past 1 and B to OFF (it can't be turned the other way). And the only benefit is to prevent batteries running dry when the camera is in the bag and something touches the shutter button to turn the meter on. A bit more pressure and the shutter fires as well and wastes a perfectly good frame of film. This is not so big problem with the camera alone, but those of us who use Tom's softie and a snug bag are in trouble, me included.
  6. don't wind if you don't have to. you'll get the hang of it! =)
  7. Thanks folks,
    Coming off a few years experience with an M7, it was a bit strange. Glad the
    camera is OK.

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