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  1. I cant find any reference to the shutter life on the EOS 20D. I,ve
    moved from the Nikon pro film range of cameras and usually expected
    100.000 actuations but this being a "prosumer" model what should we
    expect? i only ask as being digital,i tend to shoot 10x the amount i
    usually shot with film and given this rate i hope it dosnt fizzle out
    in a year or two.
  2. From what I have heard the 10d, digital rebel, and 20d all run about 40,000 to 70,000.
    1dsmkII runs about 200,000
  3. I've read someqhere that the 20D's shutter life is rated double that of the 10D and 300D.

    Mine's at 32,000 and still making as much noise... ;-)

  4. How can your calculate the # of times you have utilized your shutter in a DSLR? Any ideas?
  5. and how does the shutter die? how much is it to replace? and what is the expected shutter life on my 350d? ehm, and what exactly is the shutter? :) how about the machanism that flips the mirror, does that ever die?
  6. Anything that moves can wear out, including shutters and swinging mirror units.

    Numbers quoted by Canon or any other maker are stricty ESTIMATES. Most probably live longer. Every model ever made by any maker has it's share of problem/lemon units, too. Bodies that are beat on hard will probably not last as long. Too many variables exist that can cause a body to last longer or less. Most users will upgrade again before wearing their 20D out.

    Most consumer SLR made the last 25 years were not made to the same standards of the pro models either, but I still see lots of Canon and Nikon consumer models from the 70's and 80's that are still clicking today and they have more parts subject to wear.
  7. Roisin,

    The shutter is a pair of curtains located behind the mirror and in front of the digital sensor. It opens up and exposes light to the sensor based on the shutter speed you or the camera sets. I've heard costs of up to around $300 to replace a shutter mechanism. Whether you need to worry about that depends on your shooting habits. Do you take 68 pictures a day? That's how many you need to shoot per day, every day for one year to get up to 25,000 actuations of the shutter. ON AVERAGE, I would guess I shoot around 100 images per week. Some weeks I may only fool around and take 25-30, and if I'm shooting a wedding I'll do 500 in one evening, but on average 100 per week is probably a valid number, so it would take me around 250 weeks or almost 5 years to get to 25,000 actuations and I use a 10D for probably 90% of what I shoot and a Digital Rebel for the balance. To be honest I am not worried about wearing my cameras out. My plan is to replace mine with a 5D or whatever Canon produces to replace it down the road.
  8. all mechanical parts in a camera will be spec'ed to last a certain number of shots. if the shutter is supposed to last say 100,000 shot then that is what the rest of the camera will be spec'ed to last as a minimum. since how long the cameras last will be a normal distribution (in terms of usage) the number derived will be based on something like say the 95th percentile sort of thing (ie ninety five percent of the cameras will last at least that long) and the average camera will last longer as a function of the deviation from normal. that is to say don't worry about it till it happens because it isn't an issue until then.
  9. I believe I've heard the shutter in the EOS 20D is specced to last 100,000 cycles, and the Rebel and Rebel XT a "mere" 50,000. I've only had my XT for a few weeks but am already on 2,700 pictures, so perhaps I'll have worn it out in a year? I doubt I'll average that frequency, though, and most likely I'll upgrade by the time it has worn out a few years from now.
    Hakon Soreide
    Bergen, Norway
  10. I've shot a little over 50,000 images on my 20D since Feb. 1st. From what I've heard, the shutter should last at least 100,000 cycles. Personally, I hope it lasts a lot longer than that!

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