Shutter issue?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dominic_palarchio, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. I have a ETR-S and my shutter (not the leaf shutter, the one inside the body) won't fire right now on single exposure setting. it is working on multiple exposure setting and it was just working yesterday. I tried all sorts of stuff and replaced the battery as well. Has anybody experienced this or could help me fix it?
  2. First clean the battery contacts. Then wipe the ends of the battery. If it doesn't work after that, well.
  3. Do you have a film in the camera back?
  4. First thing, there is NO shutter in an ETR body of any generation (I guess you are talking Bronica). you are talking about the light baffle that's behind the mirror. Does it mean that the mirror lifts and the baffle stays put while in single exposure mode ? And everything works correctly when in multiple exposure mode ?
    Also the body WON'T fire in single exposure if there is not film in the back. It will only fire in multi exposure mode.
    If you have film in the back and multiple exposure disabled, it should fire. If you have no film in the back, the only way to test the light baffle is to use mirror lock up which the ETR-S lacks (was introduced with ETR-Si).

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