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  1. Hey ... the other forums have threads devoted to "camera porn" (photos of their cameras) so what's a better photo-thread on this
    forum then one of your film collection/hoard. Extra consideration given to people showing fridges and freezers FILLED with the stuff.

    Do you have some rare film ... post a photo and start a conversation about it.

    Sadly ... 10 years from now, your kids may Google this thread and wonder what is in those little colorful boxes so post 'um if you've
    got 'um.
  2. Here are a couple of snaps of film in storage and, even rarer, old Kodak film cans.
  3. Very nice collections of films, I have to photograph some of mine to post.

    How would you have the power out for a week, the longest system I have seen is the tea katel
    total system black out in UK and the system been partially restored in couple of hours according to
    Werek Grid Control:)
  4. OT well a little
    remeber the sale on ebay showing a box of Kodak enlarging paper OPEN
    so the buyers could see what was inside?
  5. Sweet -- I want some of those metal Kodak cans :)
  6. Since you ask:
    How would you have the power out for a week, the longest system I have seen is the tea katel total system black out in UK and the system been partially restored in couple of hours​
    It's easy. You just have a "super derecho" (aka, "hurricane that formed over land, not water"). Another alternative is to get hit by a tornado-like down draft ("micro-burst"). When these hit your neighborhood or town the effect can be on such a scale like that done by coastal hurricanes or long lasting tornados.
    It just takes a long time to restore power for downed trees on power lines over a substantial geographic area. Actually the longest we were without power in my neighborhood was two (2, count them) weeks.
  7. Here's my street (this is Banal Street, which forks with Boring Way). It was like this everywhere over a vast area roughly the size of England (not UK). Nearly every roof in town had to be re-shingled. They are just now finishing putting a new roof on the Police Department building (over 2 years later).
  8. To make up for going off-topic, here are more film boxes:
  9. I didn't intend to stockpile film and so didn't get into the habit of keeping it in the fridge, or the freezer. Combined with not knowing how the older film was cared for before I acquired it, I don't know that it's worthwhile to try chilling it now or not. I do use it regularily, generally I only shoot digital if I want to take a quick picture & post online right away.
    Most of my film is standard stuff, 135 or 120 format and mostly current or very-recently expired. I have some 'oddball' stuff though:
    • In 126 format I have a couple packs of Verichrome Pan, expired in 1977. I've got fairly good results from that. I also have some Kodacolor II expired in the 90's which gives somewhat washed-out colour effects. Finally I have a few store-brand packs, and a single pack from Fuji. I like 126 as I like the square format, and I have some very nice cameras for it - the Minolta Autopak 700 rangefinder (visible in the image below) and a Rollei A26, plus I just picked up a Kodak Instamatic 500 I'm eager to try out.
    • I came across a cute, cheap Disc camera - an Ansco "Readyflash" VR-1 which is little more than a flat plastic box camera. It was only 95 cents. So I had to get some disc film for it. I haven't had a chance to try developing this film yet, but I do intend to process it myself.
    • I recently picked up a camera that used 127 film so I found some "Rollei Nightbird" film in that format to run through that camera.
  10. Here's some - not all film though - there are plates in the refrigerator.
    I wonder if Polaroid is collectible yet ? Hardly dare use it, when it's gone it's gone.
  11. I had no intention of hording it but one day a photo shop went out of business and they sold me most of what they had for 10 cents a roll. Then I got a call from a local photographer who was retiring and he told me to come over. I did and he had a whole bunch of 120 film he gave me for free. Two days later he called me back and said I forgot about the other freezer it was full of 35mm B&W and color.
    I was putting in bids on ebay never over $1.99 and that is how a bunch more showed up. As for the PolypanF well it was a deal that ran me 2 cents a foot....
  12. I wasn't exactly stockpiling, except I probably bought some Velvia because it was being changed, and bought some LF packs because they were low priced on Ebay. But I never have got around to using the LF colour film, and most of the roll film and 35 is just what I had around when I got a DSLR. Now I've used up my B&W film and had to replace a couple of times, and had to restock chemicals, but just never used up the colour. And when I sold my 9x12 camera I kept some plates, but now I need to make a 9x12 adapter for my 4x5 plateholders. I expect it will all get used, but it may have to wait a year or two more. On the bright side, I do have plenty to use when I'm ready to do that.
  13. A roll of 1964 vintage Panatomic-X pictured with my Konica Auto S. I actually shot this roll and it was excellent. I have another of same vintage that I'm saving.
  14. I find that the Rollei 80s in Diafine at 100-160 is finer grained and sharper than the old Panatomic-X. I know Sacrilege. LOL
  15. Shot on K-64
  16. Dang Ron the reds seem to just not pop like the little push 64 needed... :)
  17. Film in my refrigerator's freezer -
  18. Film in the crisper -
  19. You want me to show the stach? I won.. It is already on Pnet
  20. I'm an APS junkie. Anyone else with Nexia 100 and 800? (More is in the freezer.)
  21. bms


    I feel boring. Regular stuff I just shot, though who knows how long RVP50 and XP-2 will last....
  22. Ron, What is the SO-454 stock you have there? Is it one of the rumored T-grain Kodachromes that never made it out of testing?
  23. this was for a trip when I was getting back into film. wish I bought more of arista premium 400. I love efke. velvia 50 and trix in the cans.
  24. My small stash -
    Mike : D
  25. Just the tip of the iceberg.
    This was in a filing cabinet of a friend who passed away last year. Then there was more .. and more .. and more .. all formats from micro to 10x8 inch. Other people present to do the "cleaning up" were tossing everything in garbage bags, his library, old cameras, everything. I grabbed the books, most of the film, and a few gems from the cameras. Only one other seriously photography interested person present, took care of the rest of the cameras, and we saw to it that the Olav's (the deceased) work in Sabattier effect 4x5 was sent to a photography museum. His apartment, the homely scene of so many a generous meal, bottles of wine and happy evening discussing mostly photography, was reduced to a shell within hours. It was brutal. His Hasselblad outfit went to a Nephew, and the Sinar to someone he'd had some financial arrangement with.
    The Kodachrome is of course useless. I will use up most of the rest 120/220 all sorts, together with my own multiple finds on eBay. (I've bought a few bundles of 70mm) There's enough 4x5 to learn on with the TechnikaIII 4x5 (one of the "gems") Of course I still buy new film. Who wouldn't be without the new Portra 400. etc etc
  26. Wow Kevin, what a sad story. At least his photography legacy will live on through you and the other person. Glad you were able to save his photography stuff, the thoughts of all that going to the dump makes my skin crawl....
    Mike : D
  27. Most likely what will happen to me. I have my Negatives and Slides though going to a friend and the Cameras to another in my Will. I hope they abide by the Will. None if my family expressed too much interest so I feel others should get my toys.
  28. Yes Michael, and to top it off, I happened to look out the front door as they were about to head off to the tip with his furniture and whatever, and perched on top was his ******* Omega 4x5 enlarger! I was so shocked I could barely get my voice to work. I went out and said, ... quietly, "Are you throwing all this out?" ... "Would you mind checking with others here first?" I retrieved the enlarger, which became mine from the moment it was lifted down on to the ground, in addition to a few more giant sized black garbage bag full large trays, other darkroom gear, tanks, reels, 2 complete Combi Plan 4x5 sets, sheet film hangers, assorted boxes of this'n that ... one of which actually had wrapped inside, the 90mm Angulon on the original Linhof plate shown here on the TechnikaIII (this is the one)
    Lifting the Technika from of the heap of cameras inside, I said, "If no one objects, I would like to take care of this, because this is the camera I mentioned at the funeral."(I had spoken at the wake the day before, about our intention to stroll around our favourite bit of local countryside, and when he was going to show me how to use the Technika.) .. no one objected. In fact one of them simply said: "Very fitting." and got on with the job.
  29. Kevin
    The whole story left me speechless.
  30. So in my freezer today I was looking and discovered I am down to 2 rolls of this. I always found it a good film. I at one time could import it to the U.S. this at about $1.20 a roll with shipping. I had 50 rolls of this 2 years ago... Now down to 2. I will miss it.
  31. > Larry
    Most likely what will happen to me.​
    Not much we can do about what happens after. At least you have taken care of some things in your will, and so should we all. After that, it's all in the lap of the gods. It's as well to nominate a friend or two to keep the precious gear going, or at least valued. I will eventually upgrade to a later Tech 4x5, to enable use of Super Rollex mags and a sliding back. But this early III of Olav's will remain with me for portrait work, then hopefully my son will add it to his collection, maybe even use it occasionally. It is most important that we use this gear of ours, and the film.
    As for 'film in my freezer', none of the stash is even refrigerated - just kept downstairs in the studio in Thailand, where it is a few degrees 'less warm' than upstairs. The word 'cooler' doesn't really apply. The studio is in a village in Nakhon Sawan province, one of the worst hit in the current floods, although a friend has emailed to confirm that my place is 'out of the water' for the moment. I need to get back soon, else the film may be reduced to a carton of clear celluloid swimming in a liquid emulsion. The cameras are safely upstairs. When I do return, I'll snap a few images of the assorted 70mm purchases. On the way back I'll buy a 70mm roll or two of the Rollei Infrared, as well as in 35mm/120.
  32. Ahh .. here's one. See the orange box .. it is one of three I pulled out of another trash pile in Norway, 1992.
    P33p GEVATONE PAN 13x18 cm. After more phone calls than I could afford, all i could establish was that there was no one still working at Agfa in our Nordic region who had any knowledge of the product. Because it lay amongst scraps from the graphic arts business, empty bromide boxes etc, for Repromaster type cameras, I guessed that it was probably an emulsion used for colour separations. The name "... PAN" meant panchromatic, so I cut some 6x6 squares in total darkness, slipped them, one each into a few Hasselblad magazines, went out and did some exposure tests @ 25, 12 and 6 ASA. After a couple of trials arrived at 6 ASA developed in Rodinal 1:100 ( or was it 1:50) in the waterbath method. "Normal" development produced very hard negs.
    I trimmed a few sheets from the 13x18 cm to fit the 1920s Kodak wooden film holders, and built the pinhole camera around them. It works a treat.
  33. So, in terms of preserving film, is there much difference between freezing and refrigerating film?Much more space in the fridge but I'm keen on believing (within reason) that colder is better (as long as you let the film warm up in an airtight container before using).
  34. Freezing stops all but cosmic rays. Refrigerating just slows it down. Keep it in the foil or cans... I bulk roll though also roll in a room and freeze after I put them in cans I keep them in Plastic freezer bags... That is for identification only... Once in the can with bulk is what is going to happen. I have never had a problem with moisture....

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