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Discussion in 'Landscape' started by gup, Feb 8, 2017.

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    No restrictions here. Colour, B & W, film, digital, scans. But, do tell us the location and some information regarding the shot. How you made it, why you were there, or anything else you'd care to share.

    I took this one last May. I was there with my wife on our wedding anniversary. We spent 24 wonderful days travelling from Venice to Sicily. This one was in Tuscany enroute to Montisi from Florence.

    I used a D800E, AF-S 17-35mm, f11, 1/250, ISO 400. Tuscany sunset 1000 5589.jpg
  2. belvedere2a.jpg

    Podere Belvedere, along SP 146 near San Quirico, Tuscany.
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  3. It's not my favourite photos in itself, but it is one of my favourite spots in Italy - the penisula of Ortigia in Siracusa, Sicily. Had the luck to have lived there for several years, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
    Shot is a 30 sec. exposure, maybe not very landscape-ish as it's mostly sea, but on an island... what else? ;-)

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    Yes, I loved Ortigia, too. We stayed for a few nights in a B&B there. But, I remember it as an island more than a peninsula, actually. You do have to cross a bridge to get on and a bridge to get off, right? I'm still wondering about retiring there. I really did like it a lot. Ortigia roof top 850 6449.jpg
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    San Quirico Tuscany
  6. You're right, of course, it's a island in fact. I lived very close to it (and on it, for a while too), crossed the bridge to get to Ortigia daily for years, so in my mind it doesn't quite stick as an island, as it's so easy to reach.... :)
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    Another try

    Same issue. "There was a problem uploading your file".

    So tried another file.

    Same result
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    01. Castelmezzano  Basilicata.jpg

    Hmm. Andre Garrard/Fluppeteer suggested I reload the page before posting. That's twice it worked

    This is Castelmuzio, a village nestled into the Southern Apennines in Basilicata. If there's a particular point to the thread - like you're planning a trip to Italy, there's a gallery of Italian landscapes on my website.
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    • The point was only to see other member's favourites taken in Italy.
    • I have researched Castelmuzio via Google and Wiki and am surprised to find it in Tuscany, approx. 3 kilometres from Montisi, one of my favourite spots.
    • Can you verify for me that this is actually Castelmuzio, David? I have ballooned over much of this area and didn't see this rock formation.
    • Thanks.
  10. Gup

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    Montisi, Tuscany. Aerial Montisi 850 5653.jpg
  11. david_henderson


    Gup, you're right. It's Castelmezzano, province of Potenza, Basilicata. Sorry to mislead. Have been to Castelmuzio btw as I think my next trip to southern Tuscany will be #9
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    Thanks for contributing, Diego.

  14. On most of my pictures in my gallery there was data regarding location (other than camera, lens, etc.) andò I do not see it anymore, did they disappear with the new (ugly IMHO) version of the site?

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