Show us a best kept secret among your favorites of 2010

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  1. Since this is the era of open secrets, how about show us one of your personal favorites of 2010 that you have not yet displayed in print to anyone in the analog world, nor posted/shared in PN or anywhere else on the web, nor emailed or sent in some other electronic form to any other internet denizens.
  2. I considered too distracting the abstract sculpture behind the boy.
  3. Viburnum 'Dawn'
  4. Went out walking with the grandchildren to see neighborhood lights. One of their neighbors (who is always very kind to the kids) had this display which her husband set up. Right after that, he got pretty sick. My wife suggested I take a picture, then have some prints made for her of this shot and others I took. That will happen soon.
  5. not a favorite but I liked it :)
  6. Sisters Servants of Mary, Ministers of the Sick Sister Miriam a very special young lady who helped me care for my mother-in-law before she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.
  7. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

  8. The most technically perfect shot I've ever done with the least amount of post processing.
  9. I was at Viking Fest in Poulsbo, Washington and the tide was way out. I was along the water and noticed this fellow having lunch. This is the best of the 4 shots I got of him with my Kodak p&s.

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