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Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by vfg, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. vfg


    I'll show you mine, you show me yours;
    shot with my A1
  2. awahlster

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    OK fine:
    Some where else is my wife's kit w/2 AE-1P's and 3-4 lenses. The 600mm f4.5 nFD has gonna by by I found it's image quality was not as good as the 500mm f4.5 S.S.C. blown up.
  3. My A-1 and three lenses are a little meager at this point and will go unpresented. JR
  4. FD Porn. Gotta love it. Being a curious voyeur and FD provocateur (sp) myself, I do have one question, what is this thing circled in red? I think I recognize everything else. And what's with the "ghost" tlr?
  5. Your sick Mark..its a wonderful disease though isnt it! :)
    Just purchased a QL17 GIII last night. Cant wait for it to arrive! Been looking at A1s too. I have a nice one but I'm thinking of getting one for my daughter. She's 16 and just getting into photography so no better time to infect her with CAS!
  6. Is there any particular reason you are storing the lenses upside down?
  7. I've always stored my lenses upside down also.

    Many lenses are larger at the front than at the back, so putting them the other way around would be unstable.
    Sideways takes up a lot of space, and makes it likely that they'll roll off the table.
  8. Damn, I've got a long way to go...
  9. What baffles me is how you can display them so openly yet still not have your spouse find them ...
  10. Here is the center of my FD world, my Canon F-1. Somtimes I think I keep shooting 35mm film just have her in my hands. It's a personal bond. Not shown: another F-1(ok this is really the brassed up one), F-1n, pair of T90's, A-1, Ftbn, 13 lenses from 24mm-400mm, bellows. 299T flash.
    That's some cool spread, Mr. W
  11. Carl, for success with the spouse, try my technique. I keep all my cam equipment in closet or boxes, out of sight. I've never felt comfortable having nice cam equipment on display, for security mainly - so the wife or anyone else can't do a roll call of camera and lenses, they never see more than 1-2 bodies at a time. For my technique to work, you need to buy all black bodies. Or all chrome, if that's your thing. That way, a non-photog spouse can't tell the difference between an EF, F-1N, or an Eos 3, 1vhs, or 5D. I haven't got the "is that a new camera" question in years. Works for me, your results may vary. Tom
  12. "For my technique to work, you need to buy all black bodies. Or all chrome, if that's your thing. That way, a non-photog spouse can't tell the difference between an EF, F-1N, or an Eos 3, 1vhs, or 5D. I haven't got the "is that a new camera" question in years. Works for me, your results may vary."
    Great advice for a technique which I also follow, but it extends not only to my Canon cameras but my Pentax 67s as well--all black. And, until I 'fessed up, it applied to yellow Ducatis also.
  13. I have a few FD items still. I've considered finding a new home for this but instead it remains with me:
    The 1,497th F-1 ever made.
    Its 38 years old now. Its seen careful use from me past 12 years. I bought it from a local estate of the military officer who bought it new in Japan in 1971. F-1 were very hard to come by until 1972 due to demand for Canon's very first "Pro Body". He obviously treasured this shinny black on brass mechanical marvel and so have I.
  14. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    Well lets see the thing circled in red is a LED headlamp used t get to places before sun up or if I get caught out on the trail after dark.
    Displaying them openly is not a problem since my wife shoots with me. And they really aren't out in the open but in a very small walk in closet that when closed up becomes very secure.
    Oh the ghost TLR is a Gray Yashica 44. Great little camera so far I've put one roll of 127 B&W through it in 6 years LOL. it an a few other toys not used will be finding a new home soon. I have some other stuff I want to play with.
    And Ben pretty much nailed it by standing the lens on thier noses they take up a lot less room the little white removable labels on the lens caps have the focal lenght of the lens so if I'm in a hurry it's easy to tell what i'm grabbing.
    The Canonet is a great camera for a young shooter but you need to work out the battery problem. I got lucky and right before the Merc's disappeared I bought 10 of them so I have enough to keep me going a little while.
    Curious no one has asked about the Rapid Winder on the bottom of my Canon 1951 Model III RF. That with the knurled grip is the first "motor drive for a Canon" and works pretty dang good.
  15. WT...crikey, that sounds like hard work, hiding your gear from the missus. Hopefully she doesn´t get the urge to spring clean your place from top to bottom! And one day she´s going to come in when you´re taking a secret peek at all your FD gear, and then the cat´s out of the bag! Good luck! Andy
  16. Andy lol no I don't really hide, I just don't display openly like the other guys. As long as I keep giving her nice prints and help her get her digiscam pics onto her laptop she's happy with the photography hobby, actually encourages me to do more. :) Tom
  17. Ok, I want to play too! This is not quite everything, but it shows all my current FD lenses and bodies.
  18. That's quite a massive lens on that T90! All I've got is one AE-P three lenses(nFD 50/1.8, nFD 28/2.8 and Toyo Optics 70-210/2.9) and a Vivitar flash(2600 Auto). I've never gotten around to taking a picture of all of it though.[​IMG]
  19. I guess I'm lucky, my other half has openly encouraged me to have a little collection of something, she has a much larger (and nicer) display cabinet full of glass and a couple of shelves of one off pieces by glass artists.
    It's only when I want to go out on my own to use my cameras there's a problem...
  20. Barry, I had to laugh over your message...I know that problem too (of wanting to go out on your own)! I suppose you could load your partner up with tripod, camera bags etc....that might discourage her from wanting to join you on future excursions!
  21. Here's mine...
  22. OK, so you can remove a photo in an after post edit, but you cant put one back in...learn something new every night! So, here's mine!
  23. This camera belonged to a press photographer who did mostly soccer matches. He claims he shoy about 400,000 images with it.
    I got it CLA'd and it works perfectly.
    It was so brassed I took some fine sanding paper and sanded and polished the AE viewfinder.
  24. I love that F1 Dirk! As much as I like the nice clean, like new cameras its good to see an old war horse still plugging along. Looks kind of nice with the contrasting prism housing too.
  25. These shot were taken using Canon EOS 30D / EF 17-40 f/4L / Speedlite 580EXII
    Canon A-1
    Speedlite 199A
    Motor Drive MA

    nFD 24mm f/2.8
    nFD 35mm f/2.8
    nFD 50mm f/1.4
    nFD 50mm f/3.5 Macro
    nFD 85mm f/1.8
    nFD 100mm f/2.8
    nFD 135mm f/2.8
    nFD 200mm f/2.8
    nFD 35-105mm f/3.5
    nFD 70-210mm f/4
    nFD 100-300mm f/5.6
    Extension Tube FD 25U
    Canon FT QL

    FL 19mm f/3.5R
    FL 35mm f/2.5
    FL 55mm f/1.2
    FL 135mm f/2.5
    FL 100-200mm f/5.6
    Extension Tube FL 14mm
  26. I am down to two T90, two F1N, one F1n, one A1, and one Pellix Canon cameras.
    1. Fixed Length FD Lenses:
    7.5mm fisheye, 35mm TS, 1.4X, 2XA, 2XB, 17mm, 24mm/2.8, 28mm/2.0, 35mm/2.0, 50mm/1.2L, 50mm/3.5 macro, 50mm/1.4, 85mm/1.2L, 100mm/4 macro, 200mm/2.8 IF. 300mm/4, 500mm/4.5L
    2. FD Zooms:
    28mm-50mm/3.5 SSC macro, 80mm-200mm/4, 80mm-200mm/4L
    3. Off brand:
    Vivitar 90mm-180mm macro, Tamron 35mm-80mm/2.8 macro, Samyang 18mm-24mm, Vivitar 19mm/3.8, Tamron 90mm/2.5 macro, ... etc.

    No family photo yet of the equipment.
  27. Hey Daniel, How's that 200mm 2.8? Been wanting one.

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