Should I use some 3 year old Minocolor 100 Pro ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by jt99|1, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. The C I just bought (to replace one I let go in 2008) came today, and I have found this forgotten film in a drawer where it has lain these past three years. Probably older than that, but the process by date is July 2008.
    Don't really want to wait until the 'fresh' film on order turns up some time next week, but start using the camera tomorrow.
    Will the film still "be good" ?
    An unused Minocolor 400 "process by October 05" came with the camera, but I guess it would be wise to leave it that way.
  2. The film should be good depending where and how it was stored. I've had a cassette from the 80's with film in it, had it developed and
    the pictures came out great, you can at least make sure the spacing is right. Cuz think if there is an issue with the camera do you
    really want to waste a 15$ roll of brand new film? But I am by no means an expert. I'd say use it and cross your fingers

    Just my thoughts
  3. Thanks for your input, Ian. I'll use it primarily as a test film, 'specially as the presence of the even older film which came with the camera indicates that it needs a "work-out" after six years worth of inactivity.
  4. Good luck James and let us know how it comes out

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