Should I trade my Sigma 17-70 2.8/4.5 for the Pentax 16-85?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by jordan2240, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. I currently have the sigma lens as my 'walkaround,' but am planning a trip to Ireland this fall, and was wondering if anyone had experience with the newish Pentax 16-85. I like the fact that it's weather resistant and also gives a bit more range, but wanted to get some thoughts from anyone who has used it or both lenses mentioned.
  2. The Sigma was my first lens (although this was quite some time ago), and I did enjoy it. I got the 16-85 this year, planning to use it for a hiking trip. It did very well. It's quite versatile (although a bit heavy--this may be less of a concern for you, I am a small woman). I just keep it on my K-5 now unless I have specific plans that call for one of my other lenses. It doesn't handle bokeh like a Limited, but that's not generally what I'm worried about when I'm using a walk-around lens. For me, the extra reach over the Sigma is really important, I tend to favor a short telephoto range in the way I see.

    Here are some pictures I have taken with it: 16-85&view_all=1
  3. Ruby,
    Thanks for the info and the examples. Certainly looks like a great lens for my purposes, and the WR should be very useful in Ireland.
  4. Bill, I use this lens range occasionally, but do not have or use either lens specifically. I suggest stepping back and consider the list of sites and picture activities you are planning or expecting to do. Then consider a lens range combination that fits it. If you have already done this exercise, then have you considered other focal lengths? I guess I don't see a huge need to change what you already have. In my case, I would likely choose differently as I don't need the zoom ratio(?). How about the Pentax 18-135? Just tossing out some thoughts in order to further complicate the idea! :) In my case, 80-90% of images are taken within 28mm-75mm lens fov based on 35mm film format. I use the same thinking for APS-C capture and usually have both a film & digibody handy.
  5. Thanks Jeff. I've also looked at the 18-135, but like having the bit wider angle and am somewhat hung up on the idea that less zoom range makes for a slightly better lens, though I used to use a Sigma 17-250 pretty heavily until I gave it to my son. A main reason for wanting to replace the 17-70 is the weather resistance of the Pentax lens, which will likely come in handy in Ireland.
    Appreciate the thoughts.
  6. If you don't mind taking a certain loss on your current Sigma lens, I'd say "Yes, go for the Pentax."
    Photozone recently gave the newer, wider zoom lens a thumb up "highly recommended". Because of
    the quick & easy ISO adjust, f/2.8 vs f/4 are of little consequence anymore. Though size, weight and price
    are matters to consider...
  7. Thanks Wolf. Appreciate the input. Hate to take the loss, but the weather resistance and extra range are pretty inviting.

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