Should I sell my Nikon FM2?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by bernie_., Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Hello

    Since I have my M6 classic and the Summicron 50mm I rarely shoot with my FM2. I tend to think that my
    M6 is my "people camera" and my FM2 is my "landscape camera", merely because I always use it with the
    24mm f2.8 AI-s and filters. But I think I can do the same buying the Elmarit 24mm. Maybe It's hard to use
    filters with the M, but I can live without them. I'm thinking about selling all my SLR equipment (FM2,
    50mm AI-s, 24mm AI-s and filters, not much at all) and start to save for the 24mm or the Voigtlander

    What do you think?

    Thank you in advance
  2. A few years back I stood at a specialty photo shop counter with the owner and had the same
    conversation, going from film to digital. I think you should weigh the personal value of your
    FM2, whether still being used or not, against the dollars it would bring toward the Elmarit
    24mm. Though the market for film bodies is depressed, your AI-S lenses could probably still
    bring good money, since they could be compatibly mated to a number of DSLRs. Some of the
    filters are probably more limited in saleability, since so much can now be done through post
    processing. (I see mostly use of split field ND and polarizers on the Web lately.) If I were
    trying to sell an FM2 body I'd do it in a place like classifieds where people who
    value these high quality film bodies would shop. Trading it would hit the price pretty hard.
  3. The FM2 can do a few things that the M6 can't (I'm thinking close-ups in particular), so bearing in mind the low resale value I would think it's worth keeping. Maybe sell the 24mm and put the proceeds towards a CV 25mm...
  4. Why is is hard to use filters for an M? A polariser is the only one because of the filter size.

    CV 25mm is a more than decent lens and takes the small filters like most 50`s, 39mm. If
    you have the 1989 or newer 50 mm, the CV25 will not match it ultimate sharpness. Any
    privious versions will.

    AI-s lenses can be used on digital Nikons. I have bought a few recently.

    i would just buy the CV25 and not sell a thing.
  5. Keep it.
  6. Sell it.
  7. Keep it.
  8. SCL


    I keep both SLRs and RFs. Each has a place. Oh sure you can use a Visoflex with your M6...but it doesn't take a wide angle lens. I recommend keeping both.
  9. I sure wouldn't sell my pair of FE2s, my 24mm f/2.8 Nikkor, or any other Nikkors. I use them side by side with my Leicas, M and R. They may not be in use for periods of time, but their day always comes again--even though I have a Leica R outfit as well.
  10. First of all, the market for used Nikon SLR equipment is about as healthy as the sub-prime mortgage market! I have gone through the same excercise re: my F3HP with 20, 50 and 180 lenses -- and come to the conclusion that I might as well keep them for occasional use & many great memories. But if any LF member wants them at a great price. .
  11. Keep it with a 105mm f/2.5 Nikkor.

    I often go out with a 105mm on a Nikon and a 35mm on a Leica M6, and each system is just right for those focal lengths.

    I have the near perfect 90mm f/2.8 Elmarit M for my M6, but the 105mm on a SLR is a joy to use. Composing is fast, depth of field can be seen in the finder and focusing is a snap on a SLR in this focal length range.

    Besides... you already have it, so just keep it.
  12. I agree with Albert. The Nikkor 105/2.5 is a lens to die for.
  13. I use M's most of the time, so my F2's sit idle most of the time. But there are times the SLR will do the job better, so I've decided to keep them around and not sell them; though it has crossed my mind a few times when I want to buy new equipment it just wasn't worth it to sell. The CV lenses are a great value, but if you must have the Leica just save a little longer. The sale of your FM2 will not speed you much closer to the Leica 24mm than saving for another month.
  14. Yes, keep it.
  15. Sell the Leica stuff, buy a Nikon FM3A and a 50mm f/1.2 AIs...
  16. Nicely made...
  17. A transparent decision...
  18. Um, Trevor ... that's a 50mm f1.4 on your FM3A ;)
    Seriously, I've had Nikon FMs all my photographic life, that being almost
    40 years. The latest being a black, FM2N aka "The Tank." It's as durable or more so than a Leica RF, lightweight, and has higher shutter speeds.
    Not as quiet but not a concern for me. It'll take a much wider range of lenses than a RF too. It's a tradition. Keep it and use it. (But that doesn't mean to the exclusion of Leica RFs.)
  19. pje


    Keep it. I have over 30 Nikon film bodies, (including all the FM bodies) but really couldn't
    part with any of them. It's a buyers market, so fill in the gaps in your collection.
  20. It's as durable or more so than a Leica RF, lightweight, and has higher shutter speeds. Not as quiet but not a concern for me. It'll take a much wider range of lenses than a RF too But it's just not as pretty. And hey,let's not forget the fondle factor. In the real film world the bargain of the century is the F100.
  21. "But it's [FM2/N] just not as pretty [as a Leica RF]." Well, to women it may be darned handsome, a "hunk." So there! ;)
  22. Don't sell the FM2 give it to some family member, Paul is right prices ain't what we think film cameras are worth. An F5 in ex+ is at best $500 and thats one of the premier slr of all time.

    I would get and did get a Zeiss ZF Biogon 25mm f2.8. Zeiss says its capable of 400lpmm the highest ever measured of any lens Zeiss ever tested. Cheaper than the Leica too. Of course you may need to get a Voigtlander 25mm shoe mount viewfinder for framing. This lens will make you forget the Nikon 24mm which is a medium performer in the view of the experts (Bjorn and, go look for pictures made with it on flickr.
  23. Thank you very much for all your responses. This is a great forum. Well, I'm going to shoot
    again with the FM2 to reanimate this old camera. It's a fantastic body, but I have a real
    problem with the "blind" moment when the mirror slaps.

    Thanks again.
  24. I agree with "keep it" if you only have one M6. The value of a proven, reliable backup just can't be understated especially considering how little FM2's are going for these days.
  25. cpj


    Wow, this is a long thread with a lot of opinions. Having never owned an FM2 (but many
    Nikons including F5's and the F6 as well as D-200 and a host of lenses) I really have no
    basis for an opinion about keeping or selling the camera.

    HOWEVER, as to the M6, I used to own two of them and now have an M7 and an M8. Due
    to theft of my original 24mm 2.8 Elmarit, I've owned TWO of them. (I replaced the stolen
    one with another, my current one.) I couldn't get by without it.

    The 24mm is an outstanding lens both in quality AND in being the perfect focal length
    between the 28mm Summicron and the 21 mm. I generally keep my 24 mm on one of the
    bodies. Following the theft, I went 6 months without the 24 and found so many times that
    I was always reaching for it, that I finally bought a new one--that is, used, on the classifieds. You have to keep your eyes open and you'll save a few hundred
    bucks. (There are always people making switches that they regret later. Also keep an eye
    on ebay for legitimate estate sale stuff. Always write to ebay people who are selling a
    Leica with 3 or 4 lenses and make an offer for the ONE lens you want. Usually these group
    sales don't bring top dollar or make the minimum.)

    I've had success advertising on with "WTB" ads too as people like you are often
    switching things around.
  26. I started out with two Nikon F's and presently have FM and the FM3a along with my M3, M6 and M7.
    The Nikkor 24mm 2.8 is one of the best lenses out there and I purchased one of the first ones in 1960's and am on my second.
    I stop at 35mm for my M's and if wider use the Nikon's because you can see any distortion with the 24mm better than with an M. I am looking for a 21 or 24 Leica ASPH but only becuase.
    Keep the Nikon and 24mm nikkor.-Dick
  27. Dont' sell it. There will come a time when you will say to someone, "Damn, what was I

    Some cameras I'd tell you to sell, but not the FM2. It's a sweetheart and does everything
    you need for fabulous shots.

    (I currently shoot R8 and R9 and have no intention of selling - for RF I shoot a little Contax
    T2 - I'm still contemplating the purchase of and M when Time and the Essence coincide...)

    Keep it!

    Bob in Seattle
  28. If you don't use it, there isn't a need to keep it. The Leica 24mm and the VC 25mm are great. The VC 25 is GREAT value for the money. However, keep in mind that the FM2 will be superior for close-ups and work with long lenses. Personally, I prefer the FM to the FM2. The FM has functionality that I really like. For example, you don't have to pull out the winding lever to use the meter and shoot like you do on the FM2. And even nicer, the FM has a little flip-up tab that lets you use both the AI lenses and the older non-AI lenses.
  29. "The Nikkor 105/2.5 is a lens to die for." Well, not to die for, but I agree
    great. Then, I found the now-discontinued 85/2 manual-focus lens which is smaller. Very, very similar in quality to the 105.
  30. Regarding the Nikon 24mm f2.8.

    This is opinion.

    The Nikkor AF 24mm f/2.8D didn't really convince during the tests due to various shortcomings. The resolution figures were generally very decent but otherwise the lens left something to be desired for a fix-focal with relatively high barrel distortions, very high vignetting at f/2.8 and very pronounced CAs. Spherical aberrations (focus shifts when stopping down) on top don't make things any better. So despite the relatively ambitious design (floating elements) the lens doesn't seem to be overly attractive anymore. This doesn't mean that the AF 24mm f/2.8D is a bad lens, it's not, but fix-focals should perform better than good zoom lenses.

    The Zeiss Biogon ZF is a much better lens.
  31. I use an FM3a and M6 side by side. Keep your FM2.
  32. Keep it. From 1980 until now I still shoot with my FE. On 1983 I bought the FE2 and I'm sorry I didn't bought also the FM2 titanium body, cause I had it on my hands...
    My favourite travel camera: FE2 + Nikkor 35mm/2.8 + Metz flash.
    Of course I have also my FinePix F30 in the pocket...

  33. In regards to the review of the Nikkor AF 24mm, I don't know what Nikon may have changed over the years but the 24mm f2.8 was one of Nikon's first superwides and when introduced there wasn't news photographer that didn't have one and use it. I worked for a major daily newspaper back then as a photographer and about 50% of my shots were with that lens. It was sharp, you could zone focus and like all Nikkors' just about bullet proof. I'm on my second AIS version and the pictures are still great. Maybe there are some better 24mm's out there but the real test is not what some photo review publication tells you but how does the lens take pictures out in the real world and I can tell you that it works great. Whether there has been any change with the AF version I can't tell you.-Dick
  34. jtk


    25/4 VC is an incredibly good lens at any price. I doubt a 24mm Nikon rivals it, except for speed. It's certainly harder to focus an SLR on 24 than it is to focus or zone-focus a rangefinder :) The precision of Nikon's finder seems its big view camera concept.
  35. Keep it. I have a bunch of Olympus OM stuff with macro & long lenses that my Leicas & Contax II can't easily handle. Lenses are cheap enough.

    It's like having a flathead screwdriver and a phillips head screwdriver in your tool box. Why sell either?
  36. is where I got the review. To Mr.Richard Bud, take a look at their testing and you tell me where they lack through process.

    They measure:
    Center to edge light falloff.
    measure center and edge resolution for each aperture
    measure MTF for center and edge
    measure CA
    measure barrel and or pincushion distortion

    The have sample photos taken with the lens
    Then they have narrative of how the lens is built, how it feels, and there is an executive summary of the lens in context of how it compares with other lenses of the same focal length, including zooms.

    This is an older lens, and for the low end resolution of newsprint it was ok. Compared to the Zeiss ZM 25mm it shows its age. In recent years Nikon has put its money into zoom lens developement.
  37. Keep it. Everyone needs an SLR sometimes.

    I know it will ruffle a few feathers since there are people who think Nikon FMs are great, but I hated the original FM I owned years ago. The damn thing was unreliable, jammed on occasions, the motors jammed daily and they felt like lightweight toys even in comparison to today's plastic camera bodies. Where I worked, most of the photographers bought at least one FM body because they were cheaper and virtually all of us had problems with them. After years of Nikon F and F2 use, the Nikon years that were the FM and F3 generation were big disappointments.
  38. Keep it! I have been using an FM2n since I bought it new in 1992 and just last week I bought a M6 Classic with 35 2.8 Summaron. I'm keeping my Nikon--for life.
  39. Bottom line: 1) you can't sell an FM for worthwhile money. Actually cheaper to keep it. 2) I just happened to run some XP2 behind an AI 50 f1.4 both wide open and stopped down. While the results were nice, they were observably not the typical result from a cron 50. Not test patterns, real world shots. 3) I only have X amount of time to take pictures. The value of X decreases over time, except holidays. So I make the most of that time with my M6 and assorted lenses. 4) But every now and then I take my first version FM or the F3hp out and bang away with lenses I don't have in Leitz: 20mm f4, 105 f2.5, 85 f1.4 and so forth. 5) The M6 is better with landscapes. Use a tripod.
  40. Thanks again for all your responses. I'm trying to do my best again with the FM2... it's a little
    wonderful camera. Very interesting thoughts about the Nikkor 24mm AI-s in the thread, by
    the way.
  41. hxt


    keep it. micro nikkor 55mm............ keep it.

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