Should I sell my 30D & 40D to get the 50D?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by angel_bocanegra, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Well I am thinking of selling both my 30D and 40D to pay for a 50D. Is the upgrade from 40D to 50D really
    significant? I use the shutter on high most of the time, would 6.3 fps be a big difference to 6.5? and how much
    do you guys think I would get from the sell to pay for the 50d? I should add that both of my cameras as very well
    taken care of, the 30d has been sent to canon twice to fix a shutter lag problem and for sensor cleaning, my 40d
    has been with my 17-55 all the time since the day I got it. Thanks
  2. "Is the upgrade from 40D to 50D really significant? " Only for those who stand to benefit from the main changes between the models - i.e. printing large images, and/or using very high ISO.

    "would 6.3 fps be a big difference to 6.5?" No. I doubt you could detect any difference.
  3. I have a 20 and a 40D and am not upgrading. Sure, it has some nice features but I am not convinced that they are
    enough for me to justify the expense. Maybe I should consider a 60D. Has anyone heard any rumors? :)

    I do plan to get a 5D MKII later this year. I have decide that I would benefit from the larger sensor and that
    justifies the buy for me. And it also has great specs a lot of very cool new features.If the tests on production
    models live up to the early press, it will be a great body.
  4. Will the 50d make a recognizable difference in your pictures? I don't know but suspect it will not be very much in actual practice. Does it have more bells and whistles? Apparently so.
  5. If you sold both to upgrade you would only be loosing a camera out of the deal. I don't know what you need the new camera for, but I doubt you'd see much of a difference. I'd keep the 30D and convert it to Infrared.
  6. Yes, if it makes you happy, do it!
  7. Is the upgrade from 40D to 50D really significant?
    dPreview side-by-side... in my opinion: No.
    I use the shutter on high most of the time, would 6.3 fps be a big difference to 6.5?
    You won't be able to tell a difference in .2 fps.
    and how much do you guys think I would get from the sell to pay for the 50d?
    ~$550 for the 30D, ~$750 for the 40D depending on where you are selling. You'll get a little more on eBay but will have to deal with the fees... a little less on Craigslist or other forums.
    Like Puppy Face said... do what makes you happy. You probably don't NEED the upgrade but part of the fun in photography are the new toys.
    good luck.
  8. Canon did not address any of the disadvantages I found in my 40D so I'm not upgrading. That said, it's a very personal issue.

    Happy shooting,
  9. Im already seeing a lot of complaints on other forums such as dpreview about stuff like banding and noise, and many say there 10-40Ds are bettter at high ISOs, but of course since it's new,we have no conformation either way on faults. I know I would wait a couple of months and see what people are saying who have used it a while.If I needed more MP, and could afford it,I would probably go with the 5DmkIII,with the 21.1MP,
  10. Richard, can you be more specific? Just who are the "many" who "complain" about the 50D, and how can they comment on something they haven't tried? And I didn't find any criticisms at dpreview.
  11. Ah, I see now. Sorry. There are complaints on some forums about (relatively) poor high-ISO performance and banding from some early 50D users. Still, the postings are rather nebulous and contradictory. I eagerly await reviews based on careful testing by people who really know what they are doing and who have no ideological axes to grind. For me, I'm looking to the 50D as a way to enable greater cropping (which seems a safe assumption) and for at least a one-stop improvement in noise at 1600 and above (which appears in doubt).

    High ISO seems pretty much identical to the 40D. Personally, I'd rather have the same MP count and better high ISO.

    Happy shooting,
  13. I have a 20D and a 30D. I skipped the 40D. Maybe if I find a good second hand 50D body here in Japan in a couple of months, I might buy it but I am perfectly happy with what I have now. Both cameras still perform perfectly well and if I need large size prints I use the Genuine Fractals software to convert my files.

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