Should I sell my 18-105?

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by allan_martin, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Hello!
    Lately I've been trying to clean up my old stuff and when I took a good look at my lenses, I realized it's been a huge time since I havent touched my nikon 18-105. It came with my d7000 kit.
    Im not sure though if it's a wise choice to sell. Ill be getting $300 for it.
    Here are the lenses I currently own, for you guys to have an idea:
    sigma 17-50 f2/8: main one, all-rounder.
    35mm, 50mm, 85mm primes.
    nikon 70-300
    sigma 10-20
    As I'm an amateur, I'm not sure whether I could still make good use of it in the future or not.
    What do you guys think?
  2. If it has been a long time since you used it why not give it an outing to remind yourself of its virtues and vices before you decide?
  3. grh


    You have every bit of its focal length range covered with other lenses. Why keep it?
    Honestly, I'd be surprised if you could get $300 for it, though. eBay shows the price to be, on average, lower than that.
  4. Do you own & use a 2nd body to hold your 85mm or long zoom or will you try to acquire one from the money you'll get for the 18 - 105?
    Can you imagine situations where you'd take just the 18-105 & one body?
    Changing lenses on your main camera takes quite some time which you don't always have. Thats where tourist zooms really shine with their endless range. - I never bothered to get one myself. - Spreading consumer (kit)zooms over 2 bodies seems to grant similar image quality + a bit of disaster limiting in case something might break.
  5. ShunCheung

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    You might not need that lens any more, but the 18-105 has been a popular kits lens. In other words, demands on the
    used market for it maybe low. Why don't you find out how much you can get from it. That may help you decide.
  6. If you take your camera on pleasure trips, to family events, hiking, etc., in other words, places where you want versatility without changing lenses, then I'd sell it and purchase an 18-250/270. You'd have a more versatile lens of similar use. There are a number of 18-105s available at KEH in the $150-$200 range, so it'll probably bring less than you're expecting.
  7. SCL


    I say "Use it or lose it". Sometimes I take a long time to lose some former favorites, but I really don't miss them once they're gone.
  8. The OP said he/she could get $300 for it and it seems good money to me.
  9. I also got one when I bought a D7000 (before body-only packages were available), and was planning to dump it immediately, but I just never got around to it. The 18-105mm is currently only selling for between $200 (used, mint), and $268 (brand new--old stock) on completed listings on Ebay. Take the money and run!
  10. Thanks guys!

    I won't be selling it in the US. Over here camera stuff gets way more expensive and consequently resale price is higher too.
    Also I have to say I've been in constant struggle with the "one lens for all" thought. When I first bought my DSLR, I wanted a 18-200. After experimenting with my 18-105, I realized I REALLY cared for more aperture. That's why I got the 17-50.
    Last trip I made I felt the need for more range, but it would be the same thing if I had picked the 18-105. I wouldve wanted aperture. Damn you compromise!
    ps: Nooo I dont plan on getting another body! I like to travel light!
  11. I too would sell it. It's money tied up you aren't using.
    Kent in sD
  12. When you get sick of changing all those primes you could find it a relief to have a zoom covering their focal lengths ....I have an ILC but it doen't mean I need or want to change lenses, in fact I simply have one, a zoom 28-280 ... different people different atitudes :)

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