Should I bother with matching brands?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by jimsimmons, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. I'm adding a 75mm lens to my kit and wonder if I should be paying attention to brand so as to have matching color
    rendition, or if this is a level of pickiness that I can ignore. I scan most of my work before sending to clients
    anyway, then play with it in photoshop anyway. I've only got one client I work with every year or so that wants
    the original transparencies.

    I've got a 55mm Rodenstock, a 90mm Super Angulon XL, 150mm Fujinon W, and 250mm Fujinon 6.3.

    I'm considering any of the modern 75mm f/4.5-5.6 lenses - Rodenstock, Scheider SA, Fujinon SWD, or Nikkor SW. The
    Nikkor gets excellent comments from those who have used it, but then I'd have collected the complete set of brands!

    To be honest, I've not shot the same setup on all the different lenses on transparency film for a test of my own,
    and I could do that, but I thought I'd take the temperature of the forum first.
  2. I have the 65mm Fuji SWD and I love it. I have heard good things about the 75 also.

    I dont think you have to stay within a manufacturer. Buy what you like.

  3. I would not worry about brands and you will find positive comments about all of them. If you don't prefer how one of your lenses renders images over another and have not tested them in this manner then I really would not give it another thought.
  4. When I bought my first LF camera recently, I bought the 75 swd and think it's great. I also have a nikkor 300 and a german brand 150mm. while a very very careful study might reveal slight differences between them with respect to color rendition etc, I think a person who is reasonable might not notice, or notice but realize the differences are small and thus they would not care. For me, I notice no differences in color, but then again, I use the two lenses for different things, and thus don't have a great way to compare them directly. I worry about matching lenses on my LF camera about as much as I do on my dSLR, which is to say that I don't worry about either, I buy the lens that I think is the best for the focal length I need and what I want to use it for. I think you mentioned some good lenses and it would be hard to go wrong with any of them.
  5. Todays modern lenses has a brilliant color reproduction. If you shut the same image with those lenses you mentioned above you won't see any differences at all. So choose the one you fancy or feet into your economy.
  6. Thanks. No sooner had I got the first response from Ian, a super clean 75mm Nikkor popped onto ebay with a good Buy it Now price, so I nabbed it. I'm very enthusiastic about adding this focal length to my kit, both for my 4x5 shooting, but also the 6x7 shooting that I've actually done more of for clients in the past few months. It's a big jump from 55 to 90 in the 6x7 format.
  7. I've used lots of different quality lenses for LF for much of my life, I've never found an appreciable difference with only one unnamed example.

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