Short groom - tall bride - poses please!

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  1. I am wondering if anyone here can advise on such an issue, where the
    bride is significantly taller than the groom. Anybody have any
    examples to post where the couples aren't necessarily sitting down
    but posed in a way which does not show the height difference as much?
    What do you think, standing 20 feet away from each other may work :)
  2. Sit her down to get their heads together. but still take the usual standing shots too. Does it bother them?

  3. using level ground, try having him stand ahead of her (his shoulder in front and her facing him a little) and shoot form the mid chest. another way is having her seated and him half kneeling behind/beside her.

    using a 3/4 pose or head and shoulders pose you can simply introduce a single step to even the odds.

    using steps, have him with front foot on step 2 (middle of 3 lets say with 1 being the lowest) and rear foot on step 3. have her with front foot on step 1 and rear on step 2.

    these are simple, but effective and I'm sure others have more.
  4. Thanks guys, it does bother her a little as far as the photography goes. I think she knows she will get the photos where she looks taller but would like some where the height does not seem too obvious. I think the stairs will play an important role but are only good for head/shoulder portraits or look a little comical otherwise. Any more ideas, keep 'em coming!
  5. There was a thread like this previously but I can't seem to call it up using search. I don't have a photo sample, but I suggested a pose on steps, but not shooting straight at the steps but from the side. You can put the groom in a macho pose--one foot up on the next step, with the bride one step down from his lower foot. She can be snuggling up to him, or he can be turned toward her slightly, as if to help her up the steps. A little more posed, but since the placement is part of the photo, it seems more natural than just putting the bride one step down and shooting straight on to the steps. If the steps have a banister, you can use the banister to hide the feet.

    Other than sitting poses, it has been suggested previously that you should find out if the couple cares about the height difference. Sometimes they don't, and consider it a fun part of their relationship--even to the point of shooting a few "joke" photos emphasizing the difference.

    I photographed a tall bride and short groom a couple of times, and in one ceremony, they even joked about it at the altar. The other time, I did have some trouble evening things out because the bride was tall, and although slim, had big bones. The groom was short and slightly built. Her face was bigger than his, and even my sitting poses had to place her behind him to try and even out the size difference.
  6. Have the groom kneel and her lean over like they're about to kiss...It's really classy looking and it works. (I'm taller than my husband) Now I use this pose often, works well if he's extremely tall also.
  7. This is my situation and it's my first wedding ever to photograph. I think my couple thinks it is kind of funny because they
    are having a tall blond bride and a short brunette groom as figures on their cake! I guess you just make the most of it.
    These suggestions are helpful.

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