Short battery life on Nikon D80

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by michael_persin, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. I have shot around 2000 pictures with my new D80/VR18-200. I consistently
    average between 170 and 220 shots per battery charge, which is much lower than
    the numbers quoted by various reviews of D80. Settings I use:
    - Fine/large JPG
    - Use flash on ~15% of shots
    - VR is on 70% of shots
    - Shot review is on; I review every shot but do not spend a lot of time doing it
    - an average usage pattern in other words
    - I use two batteries, one Nikon and one 3rd party - they give me the same
    performance, so I do not think it is a faulty battery.

    I would be interested to know what number of shots people get out of their D80s.
    If the number is significantly higher than mine, please let me know what setting
    you use.

  2. This is an exerpt form Ken Rockwell's review of his D80. Not sure what your issue may be, but seems rather odd.


    I got 700 shots on my first charge, and I spent a lot of time playing around with playback and the menus since it's a new camera for me. That's probably a record: most of the time I waste playing around in the menus and not shooting, so the first charge usually dies fast for me.

    I got 1,000 shots on the second charge. That seems about right.

    I got 1,400 shots on the third charge. That included a lot of sequences of several shots. That lets me get more shots than individual ones.

    I use flash about as much as you do, which means maybe for every one out of five shots. I'll shoot all day, and fire it up when it's time to go inside. I'll also use it often for fill for people shots in sunlight.

    This is about TRIPLE my D200. It will be easy to forget to charge my D80 battery, since I doubt it will need much charging. A typical amateur might go a month or more!

    The D200 sucks batteries and I thought it was the big, bright LCD. The great news is the D80 has the same almost three-dimensional LCD, and its battery lasts longer than I can. Use the LCD all you want!
  3. How long your battery lasts depends on how you use your camera. Many people say the d200 has poor battery performance but I consistantly get 600-800 shots per battery, and have, on occasion, exceeded 1000.

    Your count sounds low, but again, how you use the camera and its display determine how many shots you get.

    Sounds like your best solution is to buy another battery!
  4. Can't say for the D80, my D200 gives me consistently 1200 shots per battery (I have the MB-D200 battery pack). This is with the LCD display off (very infrequently check shots), no flash, AF-S lens most of the time (doesn't seem to make much of a difference compared to non AF-D) and almost constantly AF-C mode.
  5. And it would depend if you are going 'out-doors' to shoot. Up nother, lower temperatures (in winter) mean lower voltage in a battery. Less voltage = fewer shots to take with the camera.
  6. The battery life on my D200 was dismal when I first got it, but as the batteries are charged and discharged a few times, it becomes quite acceptable. Now I can shoot all day without charging the two batteries in my MB200.
  7. I've got about 600 shots on my D80 camera the first charge. I use JPEG Normal (test this against FINE before you automatically use it -- I can't see reasonable difference), auto review is always ON and often used thoroughly. I used flash for about half of those so I expect much higher numbers for future charges. One thing I noticed on other cameras was that use of AF in low light where it has to struggle to find correct exposure sucks up the batteries very, very quickly. If I shoot in very low light I always give the AF help by starting it in the proximity of focused and if it still struggles, I switch to MF.

    VR was on for all shots.
  8. Do you focus alot? Like several times for each shot?

    I haven't had a problem with my D80 battery (I get way more shots than 200 - I don't know
    how many since I've never let it get completely drained) but ... I don't have any VR or AF-S
    lenses, I mostly shoot outdoors without flash (and if I use flash indoors it's a SB28) It's pretty
    temperate here and I don't use the review button much.
  9. I've also been having problems with my new D80. (I had a D70 previously.) It seems that sometime when I turn it on the battery is claimed to be close to dead. Then a power-cycle sometimes improves things. I have two batteries. Same thing with both of them. The detailed description of the battery says it has at least 80%--but still it won't shoot. I was actually searching the web to see if anyone had a work around for this problem as of yet (or if I'm unique in this problem).

    So my question for you is, do you turn your power on and off? If so, that might change the claimed amount of battery that you have left. If so, you have the same bug I've got.

    I haven't counted pictures--but I'm seeing problems at about the 50 picture mark.

    Any suggestions?
  10. I have had exactly the same problem as posted here. I'm getting around only 200 shots per charge on a new D80. Average usage pattern as well with the same VR 18-200 lens. I never use the flash. I only shoot RAW.

    I have also had a problem where every once in a while, I will take a few shots and then all of a sudden the camera will stop functioning. The battery indicator will be at its lowest level and blinking, which the manual states indicates a problem reading battery information. If I turn off the camera and then immediately turn it on again, it will work fine - until the next time this happens, which can be 2 shots later or 20 shots later. This happens even if I have just fully charged the battery.

    Any ideas on these problems would be appreciated.
  11. This is an update to my previous posting:
    If you are experiencing the battery problems I posted about, you can send your D80 into Nikon and they can fix the problem. I sent the camera in under warranty, and they replaced some circuitry. They were quite expedient, and I have had no problems since.
  12. I just bought a new D80 and the battery was only partially charged. I made sure that the I totally discharged the battery and then charged it. I got over 800 shots with my first charge and over 1,000 on my second. These batteries don't have a "memory" but they work better after each additional charge.

    If you have a MB-D80 you can't compare this to a single battery. Also the Nikon battery is much weaker than many of the after-market batteries so don't compare apples and oranges.
  13. Having same issue. D80 bought in March takes great shots for 20 - 50 pix and then shuts down. I have 2 Nikon batteries and 2 chargers (1 Nikon and 1 after market) and problem persists. Turning it off and on again usually resets it for another 20 shots. I'll be sending it in for warranty work. Thanks for your posts.

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