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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by BratNikotin, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. I would put as little money into a camera as possible. A used D7200 will do what you want. A decent two-flash lighting system is going to cost at least $500 and probably more than the camera. My camera is worth ~$1,000; my lighting system is worth ~$4,500. You are also a bit weak on lenses for what you are doing. Don't even consider buying a new D500.

    Kent in SD
  2. As you describe your photography I believe you could benefit from an FX sensor. But, you would need completely new lenses at considerable expense and increased size and weight, plus I am not sure that the equivalent FX lenses are better (or even as good).

    On the other hand, D7200/D7500 would definitely be a step up at much lesser expense and less risk of disappointment. D7200 would be no brainer since it is basically an improved D7000. The main improvements will be more reliable AF system and metering, more reliable metering, and the increased to 24MP and especially removal of the AA filter will give you noticeably sharper images and greater cropping ability. I have not used D7500 but the main advances will be still more sophisticated AF (which you may not need) and a few other features such as auto AF fine tune. On the other hand Nikon have removed some features from D7500 as they have bifurcated the D7xxx series into the higher end D500 and lower end D7500, so the built-in flash and second card slot are gone, plus some reduced compatibility with old manual focus lenses (which you don't own).

    There is about 2/3 stop improved sensor dynamic range between the D7000 and D7200/D7500. The last two are almost indistinguishable in image quality.
  3. That 16-80mm says You will want another DX body. 35mm DX does not care even if You shoot FX. 55-300mm is better on DX. It is still quite long time to Black Friday and holiday season deals, but maybe it is worth a wait. Look for good deals on D7100 or D7200.

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