Shooting landscape with 46mm Portra NC/VC

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dave_cheng|1, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. I am not carazy. But I, for a reason I don't remember any more, bought
    two rolls of 100 feet 46mm Portra 160NC (or VC) fresh in date and had
    since been in my freezer. They finally passed expiration a few months
    ago and are about to be wasted if I don't use them.

    I know these films are mainly for student photos when they are about
    to be out of one school and go to another. Well, I don't believe these
    films are only good for human skins. I am thinkg if a frame of this
    film has a (or more) person in it it must be OK to also have some
    background scene of plants, trees, rocks, water and mountain included.
    I think I bought them for this reason but I also made an assumption
    that I would be able to use them on my 67II.

    I still think so. I figure if I cut them into the length of a 220
    and roll the piece onto a medium format film reel modified to have
    46mm width for the film but same unmodified overall shape for the camera.
    I sure will need to attach paper leaders narrowed down to 46mm width
    to both ends of the film. If I modify some reels then I should be
    able to produce a few rolls a time for a one day trip of phtography.
    I process my own films so I will need to modify my Jobo developing
    reels to 46mm width as well. I should be able to shoot and process
    them like regular 220 films. My Jobo reels are adjustable.

    My question is am I crazy? Is such portrait film good for such
    application for snap shots of people say during a hike or a walk
    trough a park or garden something like that? The resulted format
    will be interesting as they look like moderate panorama. If the film
    is used on a 6x6 then the aspect ratio becomes 645. If it is used
    in a 645 the ratio becomes 6x6.

    I have the two rolls unopened. I am wondering if I should sell them
    for nothing (probably worth not much) or shoot them with some work
    just for fun. Has anyone ever heard of how this was done, if it was
    ever done, before?
  2. Dave,

    Firstly the film should be ok for the uses you propose. The NC would be better for sunny weather and the VC for dull weather.
    Secondly you don't have to worry about the date. If the film was ok when you bought it and you have had it in a freezer at say -17 deg C or less, the film will be fine in 2010 or even 2015 - so you can think about it for a while longer!

    46mm or 127 film is narrower than 120 or 220 film so, although your proposal will work mechanically I suppose the edges will curl and you will have sharpness problems. Perhaps you could make a mask? If I was you I would sell them or give them away or use them for experiments.
  3. Hi Tony, thanks a lot for your reply. Adding a mask probably will cause the focal plane to move out a little then I will need to adjust the focusing screen too. I think the film probably worth less than $10 each. If they don't go bad as long as been frozen since before expiration I will take the time to use them. Never had enough films so these may be
    something for fun.

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