Shooting a tethered K10D

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by neil_swanson, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Anyone shooting their K10D tethered? I use a MAC and have the Remote Assistant software. It does work.
    I don't really think it is very good.

    I did a shoot with my Nikon using their tethered control software and the image is bigger and better than I
    get from Pentax remote. The Pentax image is small with no way to make it bigger.
    I also have Photo Mechanic and it has a live slide show feature that is supposed to show images as they
    ingest into a watched folder. I don't seem to have it set right as it doesn't do it. Or it doesn't do what I
    thought it is supposed to do. I need to look into that.

    So is there any other softeware that works with the Pentax for tethered shooting?


  2. I have to agree with you Neil. A while back I asked the question 'what do people use Pentax Remote for.'

    It is all very twee and interesting, but as it is not much use.

    You need to be able to pull off the images and use them as they are sucked onto the computer while the camera takes some more. And once on the computer you should be able to elect to empty the camera buffer. Or even better write to the sd card while it catches up on the USB download.

    Imagine - taking portraits - they immediately download to the laptop after each and every shutter release.
    You elect for them to go straight into photoshop - then you decide to either file or adjust with single key designated action command and then image is finished on the fly.

    Now at the last black tie ball we covered - after having the snap taken the guest could have a look at the set up screen - decide if they were happy and immediately place an order.- cool or what.

    Problem is Pentax Remote does not do this. - but imho is should.

    'nuff whingeing.
  3. I know. It can't even rotate a vertical image so they are vertical for viewing!! Did I miss
    something? I also haven't found a way to look at any other image except the one that just
    loaded. Well at least it was free. With Photo Mechanic running in the backround you can see
    every image you've shot in several sizes so you have to think of P-Remote as just a way to
    get the images in and that is all.

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