Shoes and Eyeglasses (symbols)

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  1. n is a placeholder

    photography is placefilled
  2. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    no, photography is an nxm array of dots
  3. Julie, thanks for the 2 stories, which I found both helpful and interesting. Nonetheless, I have some reservations about the statements above. When a photographer creates an abstract image, do you really think that a viewer's not being able to identify the subject is "his only purpose?" In my somewhat uneducated opinion, I think this is overly generalized and/or overly strong. Indeed, in some cases, a viewer cannot discern or identify the subject of an abstract image. There are others, though, involving degrees of abstraction, in which there may be some identifiable elements.
  4. Michael, I think the answer may be pretty simple. It's not really that an abstract photographer's only purpose is a viewer's not being able to identify the subject. It's that the purpose of many writers is to sound both certain of themselves and like they know what they're talking about, with a little provocation thrown in for good measure.

    Speaking of subjects, I often like non-abstract photos whose subjects I can't identify or are too numerous to mention. Also interesting are photos, absract and non-abstract, whose subject is the photo itself as opposed to the "thing" in the photo masquerading as the putative subject.
  5. Fred, you've described why I've been so attracted to abstract photography - in its many varieties. Also, your first sentence, above, is interesting, and it prompts me to consider it down the road when I make photographs and when I view them.

  6. You do it all the time. I do it all the time. Everybody does it all the time. There will be stuff in your pictures that you didn't know was in your pictures. It's unavoidable in photography. Transcription.
  7. Michael, when I first visited the Holocaust museum, I was in my early twenties. I still remember the impact this image had on me (there were also other artifacts on display from victims). First you see a pile of shoes, then you see a pile a dead bodies. Each shoe is a like a skeleton, bearing the testimony of the denial of their right to existence by another fellow human being.
  8. Supriyo, I am very grateful for your response. It clearly demonstrates your humanity.
  9. phil.jpg How about the shoelace as a symbol?

    It can be about a holding feeling of security or perhaps representing organizing and self improvement. Or, a symbol of belonging to a gang (skinheads wear white and red laces) or a challenge to conformity.

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