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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bruce_willey, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Saw this tilt lens adapter on Ebay recently and wondering if anyone has had experience with them. Called the Hartblei Tilt Adapter Pentacon. Made in the Ukraine. Hmmm....
  2. If it's what I think it is, the Pentacon in question is the 6x6cm Pentacon 6 - and only you can answer whether you need such an adapter for the various P6 mount lenses. Remember that wide angle on these cameras is 45-50mm. I bought a shift-only adapter (just because the P6>EOS adapter came with the shift, and I wanted to try out my P6 lenses on my Canons) and it works fine. I have not figured out just why I would need an 11mm shift on a 180mm Sonnar, but the lens is fantastic even on the 15x22mm sensor. Tilt might be more useful for things like product photography, but mine didn't have that feature.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful answer. Just wondering if I could attach my 16-35mm zoom to it on a 5D body?
  4. I'm not clear on either the Hartblei adapter or exactly what mount your 16-35mm zoom is. I've not heard of a such a zoom in the P6 mount for 120 roll film cameras (where it would be an almost impossibly wide lens).
    Can you give us a link to the Hartblei adapter you're talking about and/or more information on the zoom lens?
  5. Bruce: The short answer is no. Your 16-35 zoom is a canon lens (or sigma or tokina etc) It already mounts to your 5d correct? The shift tilt adapter is for attaching medium format lenses with a different mount, the Pentacon mount. Those lenses ad JDM say are for medium format cameras, so you get just a bit of tilt. That being said, they work fine. I don't believe that you could build an adapter that lets you mount a canon lens in it to convert the canon lens to shift/tilt. By the way, the hartblei adapter I have isn't shift tilt but rather shift only, it moves in only one dimension.
  6. Peter, that link is for a whole lens, not an adapter.
    Hartblei/Arsenal sell various lenses, some adapted to various mounts from what was originally a Kiev or Pentacon-6 mount lens.
    But no, you can't use any of these adapters that I think we're talking about here to mount a 35mm-coverage type lens to an EOS body. You can buy specific adapters like Nikon>EOS, etc. but each works only for the specific mount, and then only for types of mounts that allow enough lens to sensor plane distance to fit on the EOS body with the adapter.
  7. Zork panoramic shift adapters I believe has a P=6 adapter that is set up to make 3:1 stiched panoramics without rotation camera just shifting the adapter. Look here.
    Personally I go along with Zorks recommendation of a Pentax 645 35mm lens and associated panoramic adapter.
  8. Thanks for all the answers. So basically, I'm looking at a souped-up lens baby. Perhaps I should then just get a LB and call it a day. Thanks again.

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