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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by terry_spade, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. Hello

    Has anyone here bought the Sherpa cart? Was it shipped right away?
    If so what has been your experience with it? How did you set it up?

  2. Sorry, never heard of it, where is this available?
  3. Something I heard about on some photo from. I had thought it was this one. The web site is here I e-mailed them a couple of days ago. But they haven't replied.
  4. Hi Terry,
    I have a sherpa cart that I bought a number of years ago, so I can't comment
    on the current shipping times. The cart is quite nice, and was just what I was
    looking for, I could strap an entire 8x10 outfit, and holders on it and walk for
    hours and distances I never would have been able to without the cart. I have
    both the handles, and only used the T-bar handle. The only problem I had
    was the wheels don't have rim inserts, so my wheels would loose air faster
    then normal, I had the inserts put in and the wheels worked fine. It is a great
    cart for LF and ULF work, the base could be a bit larger, but compaired to
    others using golf carts and the like, the sherpa cart is a very smooth ride.
  5. I've used a Sherpa Cart for five years and love it. I have strapped a Tenba PBH pack to the
    cart and use it to haul my Canham 8x10 with six lenses and five film holders. Like Dave, I
    have both handles, but have used only the T. Also, like Dave, the tires do not hold air well
    - I'll have to get the rubber seal inserts. The Sherpa cart, at least the older model I have,
    is very well constructed with good welds. The handle folds nicely and the wheels detach

    I've hauled the cart fully loaded over pretty rough trails with about fifty pounds on it. It's
    made it possible to go places I simply could not have gotten to with the pack on my back.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. It looks like a good way to go. However they still haven't answered my e-mails. I'm starting to think of building something myself. But I may get over that if they answer my e-mails.


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