Sharpest Wide Angle Lenses for OM

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  1. I have looked on-line at several reports on wide angle Zuiko lenses. There is general agreement that the 24mm f/2.8 is probably the best in terms of resolution, followed by the 28mm f/2 and f/3.5. The 35mm f/2 gets mixed revues.
    I would like to know your opinions. I have noticed that many other manufacturers made lenses in this range for the Olympus OM. Are any of them as good as the Zuiko, or perhaps better?
    Thank You for your responses
  2. I've been real happy with my Sigma 24mm 2.8 It does an excellent job. Unfortunately, I haven't been paying proper attention to my OM gear.. It still performs impressively. I'd love the zuiko version but can't justify spending much more on my film gear.
  3. Check out my blog. I did some basic testing on a Sigma 28mm f/1.8 some impressions on the Tamron 28mm f/2.5 adaptal lens and some much more through testing on the Zuiko 24mm f/2.8 (as well as through testing on the Zuiko 35mm f/2.8 and if you are looking ultra wide the Sigma 14mm f/3.5).
    Just look along the top at the lens drop down.
    IMHO the 24/2.8 is probably the sharpest wide angle I have. Not wide angle, but also sharp I'd say are the Zuiko 85/2 (late version) and so far the 100/2.8 also seems really, really sharp, though I only just bought it and only have impressions from using it on my wife's E-PL1 (I don't have film back from using it on my OM-1 yet).
    The 35/2.8 is nice, but a little soft wide open and even at f/4, but good below that (perfect acceptable wide open). The Tamron 28/2.5 is also a really good performer and the Sigma 28/1.8 is very, very good, even wide open at f/1.8, though depth of field is suprisingly narrow for a wide angle lens at f/1.8. The Zuiko 24/2.8 is just a bit better though at the same aperatures (and a lot smaller, if 1 1/3rd stops slower). If you want a fast wide angle I'd deffinitely go for the Sigma 28/1.8. I can't comment if it is as good as the 24/2 (seems likely based on reviews of the 24/2), 28/2 or 35/2...but it is very good, is 1/3rd stop faster than those lenses and has the advantage of being a fraction of the price of most. I found mine for $150 about 4 years back. They aren't that common in OM mount, but I bet if you looked exhaustively on B&H, Adorama, KEH and Ebay you'd probably find one in a few months.
    The Sigma 24/2.8 I had was pretty good as well until it started to suffer a seperated group which caused some pretty bad astigmatisms off center. Not in the class of the Zuiko 24/2.8, but plenty good to make a nice budget wide angle lens and it was nice that it went to 1:4 magnification.
    As a last Wow, that Sigma 14/3.5 is really nice. Pretty sharp wide open and sharper stopped down. It isn't going to win a resolution contest necessarily, but a solid performer all around, though flare can be strong depending on where your lighting source is (contrast loss isn't much of an issue fortunately) and that thing is WIDE. I haven't looked recently, but they are exceedingly rare in OM mount. I missed out on one about 4 years ago that went for about $400 because I couldn't quite bring myself to spend that much. It took 2 years of searching before another one appeared and I actually managed to get it cheap (in my opinion) for $250. I haven't seen one since, though I am not specifically looking at auctions for them anymore.

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