Sharp photo by 7D?

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  1. Perhaps those who promoted 7D would like to post any unprocessed photos to prove the 7D 'sharpness' - I have not
    seen so much internet discussion about the focus problems related to one camera i.e. 7D.

    I think 7D has focus problem by design and it does not need lab test conditions to prove this since other Canon
    cameras don't need these sophisticated tests to prove that the photographers are at fault!

    Without updating my camera habits or photo taking techniques or going through do this or do that, I had no focus
    problem with my 500D and have no problems with 5Dll either!
  2. I think 7D has focus problem by design​
    No, it does not. It's capable of fantastically sharp images, used properly.
    Husain, this nonsense has been bounced around the internet since the camera was released more than three years ago - do we really have to go over it all, all over again?
    Maybe yours needs AFMA; maybe yours has a fault; maybe you need to understand that by definition, densely-packed, small-pixel sensors may need a different sharpening approach; and maybe your approach to evaluating sharpness is flawed.
    But the 7D does not have a "focus problem" - it wouldn't be the world's most popular APS-C sport/wildlife camera if it couldn't focus and couldn't produce amazing sharpness.
  3. Share a 'sharp' image, please!
    7D and 120-300mm f/2.8 OS, handheld.
  5. "Share a 'sharp' image, please!"
    Hundred of thousands of these cameras have been sold nuff said.
  6. I have to try really hard to get a out of focus image from my 7D. It's almost impossible unless I let the camera decide what it thinks the subject is (auto AF point selection). Love the spot AF feature for tele and macro. Here's a few where it "managed" to lock focus:
  7. Thanks! Are these photos with sharp edges unprocessed? Would be interesting to see the level of sharpness in 100% crops!
  8. I'm wondering why the general forum here is feeding Husain. If we leave him alone maybe he'll go away?
    Husain - its clear that the 7D isn't meeting your needs. You've been posting about it for weeks. Perhaps its time to try a different camera and lens?
  9. David, why are so worked up and defensive - after all it is a camera forum.

    Yes, I'm disappointed with 7D which I added to my 5Dll after reading so much about it here and believing in it simply to find that perhaps it was all promotional stuff - I have simply wasted my money and this forum is partly responsible for it! This is precisely why I'm here!
  10. I have simply wasted my money and this forum is partly responsible for it!​
    No, Husain.
    Nobody here lied to you, so whatever your problem is, it wasn't caused by the forum.
  11. I must say I greatly prefer my 5D2 over my 7D, but mainly because I love the huge VF and silky smooth images. However, save for the 5D2's center pt, 7D AF is a lot better, especially off-center, AI servo and low light. I recall struggling with 7D AF at first mainly because there were so many modes, sensitivity tweaks and, mostly, because it was so different than my prior cameras. Once I got used it, it was hard to not focus well. I assigned spot AF to the DOF button and can invoke it on the run without diddling the modes. Someday, when I grow up, I might buy a 5D3 as it sorta combines the best of the 5D2 and 7D into one camera.
  12. Puppy, this helps - frankly speaking I was hoping for guidance e.g. the best techniques to achieve good focus on 7D rather than being abused!

    Still if there are some fair-minded users of 7D who could give me the benefit of their experiences regarding this matter, I will appreciate!
  13. Husain,

    It will help if you could provide a few samples of images you've taken and are dissatisfied with. Ideally, you'll want to
    include the shutter speed, aperture, ISO setting, lens and focal length, whether you were using a tripod, whether it was
    shot in jpg or raw, AF settings, and a description of any post-processing you've performed.

    The good news is that, unless something odd happened to your camera, there almost assuredly is nothing wrong with it. Every time you change cameras you have to adapt. Sometimes the changes are small, sometimes they are quite large. For example, I had some issues when I moved from a 350D to a 40D, and it took me a few months to adapt. Similarly, I recently added a 5Dmkii to the stables, and had to modify my post-processing to include some additional tweaks my other cameras didn't need.

    To quote Douglas Adams: "Don't Panic." There is a lot of experience in this forum, I'm sure we can get you an answer.
  14. If you are hoping for some guidance, and technique with a piece of equipment, it may be best to actually ask for some help & guidance. Your OP (in a nutshell) said: The 7D is a flawed camera, could somebody post some images to prove that it is capable of making sharp images? and "I have two other cameras with completely different AF systems and they work fine." implying you feel there is no flaw in your technique.
    Frankly, you kind of asked for it. And all those whom would have given that advice freely are now offended because you bashed their equipment of choice
    Perhaps, since the AF on your 5D2, and 500D works so well, you should get rid of your 7D, and buy a 50D. It's very nearly as fast, a bit noisier, and you won't have to adjust your technique at all, since it's AF is nearly identical to the 5D2 and 500D. You won't have to learn anything new!
    If you wan't help and guidance on your 7D (OTOH), I would start by reading the manual - specifically the AF section, and then, perhaps the Magic Lantern guide on it.
  15. Husain, why would anyone want to help you now. They give advise and you respond with
    I have simply wasted my money and this forum is partly responsible for it! This is precisely why I'm here!​
    Puppy gives you what you asked for and you aren't satisfied. It must suck to be you- to be proven wrong, yet you still blame others
  16. Strike that... I see you already did in this thread.

    I'd follow the advice you've already received your other two threads on this subject. It will help you isolate the problem.
  17. Maybe your problems can be solved here:
    If not, at least you'd be whining here:
    Rather than *here*.
    I own two 7D's and they're great.
  18. This is typical, Husain.
    Some people populate the forums as their own social network. I won't say any more than its disappointing that you cop all this dismissive stuff.
    Go onto the forum and ask the same question. There are three reasons why you get soft images: Technique, camera focus off, lens focus off. If you are unsure, send it in to Nikon to be checked with a image to illustrate your problem. There are variations in manufacturing QA.
  19. Some people populate the forums as their own social network. I won't say any more than its disappointing that you cop all this dismissive stuff.​
    You nmight want to familiarise yourself with what has gone before on this subject with Husain before pontificating in such a self-righteous manner, Francisco - I don't know why people like you feel the need to defend trolling, but I'd appreciate it if you would at least not do it from a position of ignorance.
    100% unaltered raw
    I posted a similar thing a little while back. The end result is i am still very happy with my setup but there are those that have definitely had issues.
    Within those 2 are links to other places for more opinions on the subject and for checking properly if there is an issue, also for fixes (like reseting the system, micro adjusting for a lens and conducting proper tests). You issue may be unrelated and due to factors other kind folks have mentioned, but if you still have some issues those links may be worth a whirl.
    --- the links from within those links:
    The good (the reviews i looked at before buying one):
    Other opinion:
  21. My problem with 7D's AF is in AI Servo mode with fast moving subjects. It has absolutely no problems with static subjects in single-shot mode. In AI Servo mode, shooting bursts, the AF will hunt around the focus. Shooting using 700mm of glass, this becomes and issue.
    I bought a 5D MkIII a few months ago and its superior AF tripled my keeper rate. It's AF is quicker, more consistent and more accurate.
    If you take enough images with the 7D, you'll get some really, really sharp ones, but the proportion is not as high as you'd want. The 1DX, 1D MkIV and 5D MkIII are all superior to the 7D in this regard by a wide margin.
  22. I bought a 5D MkIII a few months ago and its superior AF tripled my keeper rate​
    If a 5D Mk III tripled my 7D keeper rate on fast moving objects, I'd be on about a 225% success rate...
  23. Dear Hussain, 7d is a master piece and
    you should not be going wrong with it
    check out your lenses they may be out of
    calibration. I am using old nikon 50 mm
    f1.2 on 7d and the focus pattern works
    nice with me even I am doing it manually.
    7d has all the features that we were
    dreaming for long time.
  24. Thanks, Abbas! The lenses I use work fine with 5Dll as they did with 500D! I can get sharp images with 7D but by some sharpening like in the photo below:
  25. Keith,
    Keith, with respect, you betray your lack of impartiality. Yes, the 7D is a great camera and your portfolio is very impressive, but please be gentle with people who ask simple questions. You were one yourself once.
    The forum is not about you, nor is it a place to throw around your weight. And to use the word "troll" about our OP is offensive and betrays a lack of respect for your fellow man. You may or may not understand that legally, posting on a forum is akin to putting comments on the front page of the newspaper and exposes one to the relevant libel laws.
    Please be positive and informative. I detect some envy coming through your words when someone mentions the 5D3 and you immediately jump down peoples throats. Curious really.
    Husain, there are others in this forum who are giving you valuable advice. Read their comments and if you need to have your camera checked, do so. It may only be a minor adjustment that's required.
  26. I'm entirely impartial, Francisco - you are again ignoring what has gone before in order to score a point.
    You say for example that:
    Husain, there are others in this forum who are giving you valuable advice. Read their comments and if you need to have your camera checked, do so.​
    I have said to Husain several times that he needs to just that, and yet he has ignored that advice in favour of a clearly "flamebait" posting, making ridiculous (and that's the word) accusations about the 7D being flawed by design.
    That's precisely what trolls do: repeatedly ignore well-meant and well-informed advice (of which I have provided a goodly amount on this subject already), in favour of pushing an agenda.
    Far from "throwing my weight around", what I'm doing is committing myself to the ethos of this board, which we're reminded of whenever we post (I've emphasised the most relevant section):
    Please take a moment to ask yourself if what you're about to post is going to be useful to the person who asked the question. Then ask yourself if, when someone stumbles upon this exchange four years from now via a Google search, they are going to say 'that was worth my time to read'.​
    I will always challenge - as robustly as needs be - anything posted on here which I know to be utter nonsense, which is exactly how I would describe the premise of Husain's initial post, because I'm extremely conscious of the need to do so if is to be a useful resource for subsequent visitors.
    Now you can choose to ignore the question being asked in favour of being seen to sympathise with a "victim", but the fact is that doing so adds nothing to the discussion; and tacitly encourages the continuation of repeated posts by individuals with an agenda, on subjects that have already been asked and answered ad nauseam.
    To be blunt; you're part of the problem, not part of the solution.
    And as to showing a lack of respect for Husain, you're wrong there too - please look at my early posts to Husain on this subject. What you mistake for a lack of respect is simply a lack of patience for someone repeatedly posting the same thing in different ways while actively and repeatedly ignoring the excellent advice on the subject of his concerns that he has already been given.
    Again: inform yourself before you presume to judge, Francisco.
  27. I'm only interested to hear comments regarding the image below and also above (feb ...) - image cropped and re-sized - hand held using inbuilt flash and 17-55mm f2.8 IS on - manual mode - ISO200 4.5/250
  28. Husain, that looks good to me.
    Have turned AI Servo off for single-shot shooting? I think that the AI Servo on the 7D is the root of most AF problems with that body.
  29. Husain, absent knowing precisely what part of the lens case you were focusing on, that image you just posted today looks
    fine to me. The earlier image had a little fuzziness to my eye, but it is resolved in this image. Whatever you did worked.
  30. Husain, the looks good to me. Very sharp. Looks like a 100-400L Lens bag case.
  31. I am curious if people who believe there are focusing/sharpness issues with the 7D have seen this after the firmware upgrade. I am not saying there is a problem, just looking for 7D shooters thoughts and experience if there is any perceived decline in IQ since the firmware update.
  32. My 7D takes sharp images with my lenses except for one. I think the lens is the determining factor.
    Shot taken with 7D and SIGMA 50mm f/1.4 - always sharp. Link
    I believe my old Canon Canon 28-135 f3.5-5.6 EF IS USM has some issues. Some time I will play around with back focus adjustments. Link This is a lens issue not the camera.
  33. One of the most fundamental basic difference when using a high density pixel cropped camera like the 7d is to ensure your Tv is at least 1/FLx1.6. If you employ the same technique that of film or FF camera, you may end up with shake which can be mistaken as soft images.
    Note that the AA filter on the 7d is a bit heavy handed. So its files requires more sharpening than the 5d2.
  34. The 7D does have focusing problems or at least some of them do. The first one I had was sent back to Canon 4 times to get fixed they finally replaced it with a refurbished 7D which had the same problems, soft images and some terribly out of focus. I sent that camera back another 3 times and they sent me a new 7D which again had focus issues, on this one I notice right as the shutter released it would change focus I sent it back after writing letters to Mr. Yuichi Ishizuka Executive Vice President Consumer Imaging Group Canon U.S.A., Inc. and a Mr. Eliott Peck Senior Vice President Consumer Imaging Group Canon U.S.A., Inc. they had Rick Berk contact me, he sent me another 7D which was worse than the first three, I had that camera checked by two different camera stores which both said the same thing, it’s bad. That 7D Canon had in service for over 8 months in which time I didn’t have a camera, long story short they finally sent me a refurbished 1D Mark IV and this works perfectly. Canon never admitted there was a problem with the 7D to me but after talking with many people at Canon that’s what I got out of it. I am not new to Canon I have been using Canons since the AE-1, which I still do use once in awhile.
  35. Very reassuring, Scott! When I said that in view of the countless negative comments about the focus on 7D on the Internet, the logical conclusion is that 7D focus problem could be a design fault, some loyal to 7D jumped on my throat!
  36. I've also delt with people saying the exact same thing and jumping on my throat and that's why I said some of the 7D's have the problem, the people that don't have the soft focus issue don't see the problem so they right away assume there is nothing wrong with the camera and that it's the person using the camera that creates the problem and that's not the case. There is an issue with some of the 7D's and I would say a large number of them as I had 4 or 5 that were bad. I did however have one that was good, one of the loaners that Canon sent me worked great and I even asked if I could just keep that one but they said no, so I know there are good ones out there somewhere. If you have a 7D with issues and it's still in warranty I suggest calling Canon and to keep going up the corporate ladder with letters and phone calls and doing it until they fix it. It took me from around January of 2010 until January 2012 to finally put my 7D nightmare to sleep for good, good luck.
  37. My 7D focusing was error prone out of the box. But I had a NYC trip quickly coming up and needed a sure
    solution, so I exchanged for a 5DII. Better decision overall...
  38. The 7D does have focusing problems or at least some of them do.​
    The only part of that sentence that's true is "some of them do" - just like any other camera, and fundamentally not what the OP alleges, which is the the 7D is inherently and fundamentally flawed at the design level, which is unalloyed nonsense.
    people that don't have the soft focus issue don't see the problem so they right away assume there is nothing wrong with the camera​
    Nobody denies that some 7Ds might have a problem, but - again - the notion that the camera itself is flawed is unmitigated tripe.
    It is therefore absolutely true to say that "there is nothing wrong with the camera" - all that can ever be said with any degres of certainty is that "there might be something wrong with that camera".
    Seriously - do you people really not see the gulf between these two statements?
    I'll put my 7D against any camera you care to name for sharpness - even after three years of ownership, I'm amazed every time I use it by just how good it is.
  39. Museem,

    I doubt that there's a more badly-done and more thoroughly discredited review on the internet that ridiculous Darwin Wiggett car-crash - it's a tour de force of incompetence and ignorance, and you should be embarrassed to reference it - you do your case no favours whatsoever by pointing to such a fundamentally inept and wrong-headed "review".
    Want a counter to it? My own website is full of silly-sharp 7D images.
  40. I should add that all my pictures are with "long" lenses (100-400mm out to 400mm and more recently Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 OS + converters out to 600mm) hand held in every case.
    The 7D can't focus or do sharp, huh?
    As we're wont to say in the UK, bollocks.
    And I've got thousands...
    And thousands...
    And thousands...

    More where they came from.
  41. Keith, there is no problem in producing sharp images by sharpening them up using the software as seems to be the case in some of your links!

    If you really want to plead for 7D focus, why don't you upload unprocessed crops from 100% enlargement!

    As I said before, I have every right to be highly critical of the promoters of and promotional comments about 7D which influenced me to buy it.

    I can't understand why you are so aggressive in your responses?
  42. >>> I'll put my 7D against any camera you care to name for sharpness ... My own website is full of silly-
    sharp 7D images ... And I've got thousands...And thousands... And thousands...

    Relax, Keith. Nobody is attacking your camera, or your thousands and thousands of silly-sharp images.

    >>> As we're wont to say in the UK, bollocks.

    As we're wont to say in the US, take a chill pill...
  43. Brad, I've had three years of debunking this nonsense - as I suggest, I take the idea of the likes of as a useful resource of factual information seriously - and it sticks in my craw that we're still seeing the exact same same drivel regurgitated after those three years.
    But I don't need to be told to "chill" - I actually could hardly care less if someone has supposed problems with their camera, especially if they're not prepared thoroughly to rule themselves out as the problem before complaining, and the tone of my comments above expresses nothing more than bored disappointment at the "Groundhog Day" nature of this thread, and the transparently selective nature of some of the "resources" people have linked to in support of their adendas.
    Linking to some random blog by some random nonentity on the internet as "proof" of the 7D's supposed failings - especially when ample contrary evidence had been posted by the end of the first page of this thread - is biased, blinkered an wrong-headed and dishonest.
  44. Oh, and Brad, your earlier comment - that replacing a 7D with a 5D Mk II was a "better overall decision" - is just as unhelpful and disingenuous.
    Another 7D might well have addressed the supposed focusing problems you were having; as might AFMA; as might just taking the time to learn the camera properly (this having been a "miracle" cure for an awful lot of whining about the 7D's AF - funny, that - and for the record, I'm in no doubt whatsoever that far and away the biggest problem with the 7D's AF is the person using it).
    Your comment clearly indicates an implied agreement with the original premise - that the 7D is flawed per se; and aside from that, there are plenty of situations where a 5D Mk II would be dead in the water up against a 7D: focal length-limited wildlife/bird photography; fast sports; birds in flight; situations where accurate and fast outer AF points are needed.
    "Better overall decision" is therefore not possibly true. Maybe "better for your specific circumstances", but to suggest anything else is to tell half the story and to twist the truth of what's left.
  45. Keith Reeder
    I have seen your site and some of your good photos taken by 7D.
    I also respect your conclusion in 7D " All in all, the Canon 7D delivers exceptional print quality, with phenomenal detail (especially when working from RAW) at low ISOs, and a very graceful trade-off between noise and subject detail as you go up the ISO scale. "
    Anyhow, and from my point of view, I should mention that Darwin's review is rational and very helpful and your opinion about this review should be discuss in his site to show him what are " incompetence and ignorance ". Thanks
  46. Keith, please upload 7D unprocessed/ unsharpened crops from 100% enlargement, please show us how inadequate some of us are in using this super 7D!
  47. >>> Oh, and Brad, your earlier comment - that replacing a 7D with a 5D Mk II was a "better overall decision" - is just
    as unhelpful and disingenuous.

    Hardly. It's a true statement. It was the right decision at that moment when I needed a camera with dependable AF. And it
    was absolutely the right decision going forward since then.

    >>> Another 7D might well have addressed the supposed focusing problems you were having; ...

    And another might have had the same AF out of the box, as well. I didn't have the time to experiment then.

    >>> ... as might just taking the time to learn the camera properly (this having been a "miracle" cure for
    an awful lot of whining about the 7D's AF - funny, that - and for the record, I'm in no doubt whatsoever that far and
    away the biggest problem with the 7D's AF is the person using it).

    And now you're just being nasty. To feel better?

    >>> Your comment clearly indicates an implied agreement with the original premise - that the 7D is flawed per se;
    and aside from that, there are plenty of situations where a 5D Mk II would be dead in the water up against a 7D:

    You are really getting wound up now. All my statement said, is that I got a 7D whose AF was defective out of the
    box. A week later I exchanged for a 5DII and its AF worked great. Then, and now.

    >>> "Better overall decision" is therefore not possibly true.

    Of course it's true. You can't possibly judge what's good for me and my photography. Or my circumstances at the

    You're letting your emotions turn this into a creepy competition. We're all very happy that you have thousands, and
    thousands, and thousands of silly-sharp images. Calm down and be happy about that. Put the wasted energy you're expressing here into image making.
  48. Upload the requested image(s), Keith please!
  49. "Keith, please upload 7D unprocessed/ unsharpened crops from 100% enlargement, please show us how inadequate
    some of us are in using this super 7D!"

    Short of focus stacking, which isn't a practical option for the type of images Keith has shared, no amount of sharpening or
    other processing is responsible for the look of those images. Plain and simple, they are in proper focus. Posting
    unprocessed images would serve no purpose, in my opinion.

    Let's try and get back to sorting out what is going on with YOUR camera. Did you try the advice Phillip gave you in this
    thread yet?
  50. I don't recall if this link has been provided, but this set of various AF microadjustment instructions could also prove helpful
    in checking focus issues.

    I can completely understand your frustration. If it were me, I'd play around with some of the various methods for checking focus that have been suggested in your threads and elsewhere, and if that doesn't help you identify the cause, I'd send it in to Canon for calibration.
  51. Joshua, I'm not writing a thesis on 7D focus and therefore need not to follow those academic procedures to get better results! I'm a serious photographer who has used a number of cameras in the last 50 years - and in most recent times, 350D to 500D to 5D and now 5Dll with no focus problems. In view of the hassle which I'm having with a new 7D, my second camera, and reading dozens of other comments on the internet, my logical conclusion is that 7D has a design or serious quality control problem. What annoys me most are the Canon promoters who are bended to veil the 7D shortcomings and rubbish the well intended and reasonably experienced photographers. The attached image was not captured under lab conditions but the way I normally capture, but has been very skilfully processed to make the point that 7D can give sharp image but only by processing, the level of which is far more than needed for the images captured by, say 5Dll. Therefore, the conclusion is that taking image by 7D is iffy while making the images by 7D might be okay! BTW, does the image below indicate that the camera needs calibration?
  52. Keith, I could just as easily have said that some 7D’s focus correctly and been totally correct in saying that so your point in saying that only some of them might have a problem is just as much “TRIPE”. I would also like to know why you’re getting so wound up about having a camera that you like and that you say focuses correctly. Did you help design the camera? Are you somehow financially connected to Canon? If not I don’t see why you’d be so worried about people saying the 7D has an issue with focus just because you own one, the 7D seems to be the only camera that I see people defending so strongly. I don’t go around posting how good all my other cameras are, just because someone else has an issue with them, namely the 1D MK III.
    I would like to know how you can say the 7D doesn’t have issues, how many do you own? If you only have one, that seems to be a very small sample that you’re using to fight for the 7D. I've had 6, out of those 6 only 1 had ok focus, nothing I would call super sharp, that’s also a small sample but if it were just a small number of them that had problems one person would not get them all, I might add that when I sent my 7D's back, Canon did agree they had problems when they had them in for service, somehow they were never able to fix them, that’s why they sent me a different camera 4 times. Just do a internet search for Canon 7D soft focus and see how many hits you get, I stand by my saying the 7D is flawed.
    I’ve been to your site and you have some really nice pictures there, some do seem to be over processed but look good none the less. I also see you talk a lot about your 40D and not so much about the 7D how do we know what camera those pictures are taken with? Why don’t you post the EXIF data with your pictures, lastly why are you so bitter about have a camera you like?
  53. Husain, how much sharpening are we talking about here? Your post makes it sound like it is a lot, but I'm not sure what
    you consider a lot of sharpening. I currently own three different Canon dSLRs (but not a 7D) and each requires a different
    level of sharpening in DPP. It isn't a huge difference, maybe a notch or three between cameras, but each model has some
    quirks due to differences in the sensors, sensor filters, etc... Interestingly, I'm pretty happy with the in-camera JPEG sharpness default on all three cameras, and haven't had to tweak any of my cameras to suit my taste on the rare occasion I'm forced to shoot JPEG due to limited capacity. But in RAW, I do have to bump up the sharpness on all three cameras. It depends on the scene, but it usually runs one or two notches on my 5Dmkii, and a bit more on the 40D and 350D.

    If you just had to do a little bit of sharpening, then this difference is probably normal. But if you have to apply substantial sharpening, something is going on...what exactly I cannot tell you at this point. That image you posted looks properly focused, by the way.
  54. I almost forgot... Do you have an unsharp outdoor samples? Maybe something with distant objects? I'm curious to see
    what those areas look like.
  55. I have access to 2 7Ds. One is mine and one my sons. His was purchased first and was borrowed for an event I was
    shooting with my newly purchased 85 1.8. I walked away from that event so sold on that combo that I stopped my
    wavering between it and a 5d and quickly purchased one. A few months later at an event the two of us were working, my
    camera and that 85 lens was paired. The images were all out if focus and unusable. Had this been my first experience
    with this camera, I would have never purchased one or myself. I have adjusted the macro focus and solved my problem
    with this lens, but can say with experience, that sometimes you need to use your head and look for the solution. Not every
    camera/lens combo work out of the box.
  56. Tom, you are right about the micro adjustments, and that is one of the first things I do when I get a new camera that has that option, the problem with all the 7D's that I had once you set the MA and turned the camera off or removed the battery the adjustment would be off and it wouldn't just be reset to zero, if I would set it at say +5 it would go to something like -17 or some other number and it wouldn't go to the same number if I reset it again, the camera has issues. As I said before I noticed on one of the 7D's I had, just as you took a picture the camera would jump out of focus, if I remember correctly that was the camera Canon had for over 8 months while they left me without a camera from April to November. I really wanted to love the camera because I liked everything about it, except the pictures that came out of it. As of right now if Canon would come out with a 7D MK II or something like that I would not touch it.
  57. Who promoted the 7D here?First you should judge for yourself no matter what other people say.Second I promote Leica
    M9 and S2 .You can blame me if you do not like them.I see Keith being hammered here and I fail to see why....The
    sentence in the OP that the camera is faulty by design is just plainly ridiculous to be polite.Just send your camera to
    Canon if you suspect something is wrong with it
  58. I see Keith being hammered here and I fail to see why...​
    Because, I imagine, it's much easier to do that than to deal with the facts, especially when those facts imply that their problem isn't with the camera but with them.
    It's a typical reaction: when confronted with ample, compelling evidence that the 7D doesn't have any kind of inherent focusing flaw they get defensive, because it pokes at their competence as a photographer, and they don't like that.
    The fact remains: the 7D has a brilliant AF system - not bettered, even now, in the APS-C arena (even the 51 point AF in the Nikon D300 doesn't exceed the 7D's in Real World use) - so I can only conclude that it's simply too much for some people...
    (Oh - and the argument that "my new 5D Mk III is much better and doesn't cause me any of the issues my 7D did..." proves nothing - I'd surely hope that the 5d Mk III would out-perform the 7D - but it still doesn't prove anything about how competently the 7D was being used. The 5D Mk III is presumably simply better configured out of the box).
    The easy - and the only logical - way to look at it is this: an inept photographer will make even make a great camera perform poorly; but even the best photographer would not be able to make up for the inadequacies of a truly broken AF system.
    When so many 7D users (yep, like me) report that it never lets them, no matter what they're shooting - sports, wildlife, birds in flight, whatever - the only possible conclusion to draw, assuming that their own camera isn't broken, that the problem isn't with the design of the7D itself.
    This has been the gist of my argument all along - the 7D isn't at fault, a given 7D might be.
    But people do like to lay blame on the easiest target rather than confront the notion that they might actually have to shift themselves: to do some proper testing to definitively eliminate themselves from the equation; to AFMA the camera if necessary; to test their lenses; and to learn the camera properly (its AF is surely not maximised out of the box) and so on.
    There's also a depressing lack of understanding of the implications to apparent sharpness of high density/small pixel sensors - it utterly escapes some people that by their very nature small pixels can need a different and sometimes more aggressive sharpening approach - that's just the physics of the thing, but a lot of (lazy, uninformed) people misinterpret that as a "failing" too. But the sharpness is in there, it just needs to be brought out by competent conversion/PP - and that's entirely beyond some.
    Example: see how soft this looks off the camera?
    And when it's properly converted and processed?
    A lot of the 7D bashers would assume that the former is proof of their point, whereas it only proves that they don't understand what they're dealing with - you can't generate sharpness and detail that isn't there, and the finished version of the image has sharpness and detail to spare.
    7D and Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 OS + Sigma 1.4x TC, handheld at 420mm and f/4 (wide open), incidentally.
    No, let's just blame the camera, and express completely unjustified righteous indignation when someone confronts them and their cosy little bubble of self-satisfied finger-pointing...
    Anyway, I'm out. They can continue to languish in their ignorance, laziness and ineptitude, and I'm going to continue producing stupid-sharp images, without any trouble, with my 7D.
    You can draw your own conclusions about who's calling this situation right. Three years in, I'm still blown away by the performance and capabilities of the 7D - shooting in circumstances a damn' sight more challenging than those many of the whiners shoot in, too - and I'm really demanding in terms of sharpness and IQ; and the 7D still impresses me so much that for the first time in my photographic life I'm not by now hankering for the Next Big Thing that might be coming down the line.
    The 7D is that good.
  59. Husain,
    "7D can give sharp image but only by processing, the level of which is far more than needed for the images captured by, say 5Dll."
    7D and 5D2 have different sensors, pixel size and pixel density are different, that is why different level of sharpening required in post processing.
    It has nothing to do with autofocus, if you got focus error, you will tipically have front focus -back focus issue, when some part of the image sharp, which is not your case.
    Go through Canon website, they may have recommendation for unsharp mask settings for 7D, it is called white paper which lists recommendation for camera settings. They have it for my 1D3.
    Hope that helps.
  60. Seems like case closed, problem solved.
    If not, only recourse left, is one Scott A. took, I can foresee big line of users wishing to trade their 7D for 1D Mark4, poor Canon.
  61. How many times do I need to send my 7D back until they upgrade me to the 1D Mark IV. lol
  62. Mark, I don't know the exact number of times I sent 7D's back to Canon but the first one went back I believe six times, the second one was in for service at least four times maybe more. The third one I know went back five times because I started keeping a list, the fourth one went back three times and the fifth one went back two times, when that one was in for service the first time, I got a loaner which was the sixth 7D I had and the only one that took any kind of good picture. The fifth camera was really the reason I got the 1D MK IV from them because they had my 7D from March until November, it was actually a stress free summer because I didn't have the 7D, I did have my other cameras. With the last two cameras I was dealing with the corporate office in New York, I told them they might just as well give me a different camera because I didn't want to see another 7D and all the shipping is going to cost them as much as a camera would cost me, I also brought up all the time I wasn’t able to use my camera because I didn’t have a camera, they agreed.
  63. Scott, I agree with you on the picture examples shown, they aren't the same and are as you said they are worthless for this example, I only wish any of the 7D's I had, took a picture as sharp as the soft picture posted, mine were nowhere near as sharp as that, a lot of the time they were so far out of focus you couldn't tell what it was.
  64. Oh, dear, dear, my last concluding message to Nick saying that yes the case is closed and that 7D has focus problems as well high noise at ISO1600 and above, has been taken off the forum! This tends to strongly suggest that there are Canon agents here promoting the Canon's iffy products who kill the voices that challenge them! Shame!
  65. This is sure to anger the fanboys, but I have the same issues, and have been testing my camera's capabilities (or
    rather lack of) for two months. A simple search would indicate that the problem is not isolated.

    My camera was just mailed off to Canon service center. My call to Canon support was revealing. I asked these

    Would you like copies of my documented methodology and findings?
    Would you like to know the lenses I used to test?
    Would you like links to sample images?

    To each, the answer was "No, just send it in". In most posts I read from 7D users' experience with deficient
    autofocus these questions were asked and Canon requested documentation. Now they do not. At least to me, this
    indicates that Canon is now aware of issues with this particular model.

    That you haven't an issue is great, but some do. Maybe a little respect is in order, maybe not replying is the best
    choice. Flaming those with problems is absolute deviation from the level of conversation I would expect from fellow

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