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  1. Dear All
    First of all I am wondering if anyone can recommend any decent locations to take photographs of Shanghai off the beaten track, mainly for portraiture and architectural interest. I've already done the standard locations such as these here, I don't know what they're called, though:
    I've been to the Moganshan Lu area and taken some great photos of graffiti artists... I would like to find a poor district where they won't nick my camera and let me photograph their children...
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  4. I don't bother to login since I am not a member and don't plan to be and I would need to register before I can log in. So I have no idea what your standard locations are.
    Shanghai has many 'poor' places when you walk off a bit from the main streets. Some pretty close to Nanjing Road. I have found Shanghai, and China as a whole, to be very safe with hardly a risk of being 'nicked'. For something different, you could try the Qibao water village that is within Shanghai (not one of the other water villages that are in neighbouring provinces).
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  5. Find some of the older neighborhoods and markets and you will find plenty to photograph. The Bund is always full of interesting people. I never felt unsafe anywhere in China. Never had anyone object to having their picture taken. It is a beautiful country with very friendly people. Be sure to check out the big camera store on Luban Road. It has six floors of all kinds of photography stuff.
  6. I just thought of something else. Go to the parks. There are a lot of them and they are beautiful and always full of people day or night. There is a park that has ballroom dancing in the evening. Lots of people there dancing and watching. There is also the “Umbrella Park” where on Sundays people advertise for mates for their children by posting messages on umbrellas. Very crowded and very interesting. Hundreds of umbrellas.
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