shameless self-promotion :-)

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by doug herr, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Heck, it's no shame when the photograph is this good, Douglas. Good job at getting it
  2. Congratulations, Doug!

  3. "shameless self-promotion"
    IMO, the best kind!

    Another IMO: It doesn't count if you don't print it.

    IMO #3 (of ll million): If you can afford Leica, you can afford LFI.
  4. SCL


    Nice job Douglas! You've certainly earned the recognition.
  5. Congratulations! Great picture too.
  6. Well done!
  7. Few people in this forum have been as generous with their knowledge and experience as Doug Herr. LFI has picked a winner in more ways than one.
  8. Nobody that I know of does what you do as well as you, Doug.

    I can't seem to find the continuation of the interview though. All I get is a link to another article. Is there more?
  9. Bravo Douglas!
  10. The rest of the interview along with more photos is in the print version of the magazine.
    Thanks for all the comments, I have many in the online Leica-using community to thank,
    even Jay for his needling that spurred me to push the bar higher.
  11. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing this edition of LFI at my local bookstore. Your bird
    photography has long been a source of inspiration to me.
  12. Good for you, Douglas! Well done!
  13. jja


    Well deserved recognition!
  14. Sweet Doug...well deserved. When you push the bar higher, you need a higher barstool...enjoy the Kudos (and hopefully some print sales too!)
  15. Congrats!
  16. Kudos, Doug. I'm glad to see you get well-deserved recognition.
  17. Good work Doug. You're an inspiration to us all.
  18. Doug, are you really 55?
  19. "Doug, are you really 55?"
    Only my mom knows for sure ;-) but according to my birth certificate, yes.
  20. Good to see this, Doug.
  21. Nice work Doug!
  22. Thanks for intentionally or non-intentionally pushing the great merits of Leica's R system--bodies and lenses, both--, Doug. I LOVE my R8 and my numerous R lenses! It's also so nice to see something other than excessive Leica M hype/coverage for once!
  23. Congratulations Doug, that's great.
  24. Bravo for your photo and patience + perseverence in wild life photography!
  25. Congrats! Doug, I always enjoy your work.
  26. Wonderful article and pictures. A well deserved congratulations Doug!
  27. beautiful shot... as always...
  28. Super, Doug. Great picture.
  29. Congratulations, Doug! I wish all the recognition that you richly deserve!
  30. Bravo Doug.
  31. Congratulations Doug! Good to see your work recognised.

  32. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Very cool! My dad was subscribed since the early '50s through the late '80s. So it was Erwin and now you. I wonder who else in our forum has been published by LFI?
  33. Congratulations, good work Doug. Thanks again for answering questions and being so
  34. On getting published: paraphrasing Reese's character on getting into Harvard Law in "Leagally Blond":

    "Like, it's hard?"

    Even I have been published several times in two long deleted/overwritten articles. but, Herr Herr's photo's consistant qualty amaze me.
  35. This UK based fan woukld like to say "Lets Herr it for DOUG"! (sorry but hard to resist)

    Long overdue Leica recognition of your formidable wildlife work with their kit, which I have admired and envied from the first moment I saw some.
  36. what everyone else before me has said......congratulations.
  37. Doug: I must add my congratulations to you on your publication. Your work is well respected and rightly deserving of such acknowledgement. Kindest regards, Bill
  38. Thanks Doug for sharing - a delightful photo, as always. More publications planned?
  39. glad to see you recognized..I will have to get this copy.
  40. Thanks, Douglas.
    We, the Leicaists, are with YOU!

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