SF1 and Linear Polarizer

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by paul_noble, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. I have a Pentax SF1, autofocus film camera. I recently got a linear polarizer
    for it.

    I've always read that linear polarizers confuse the AF and exposure metering
    mechanisms. However, the AF seems to work fine. I don't know about the meter,

    My question is, did I make a big mistake and should I unload the linear
    polarizer on ebay and get a circular polarizer instead? Or will the SF1 work
    with a linear polarizer?

    Paul Noble
  2. You would no doubt have to find a tech person who has been around a while, since the SF-1 is one of the first AF models.

    A linear polarizer also seemed to AF and meter fine with my more recent model PZ-1p too, so I brought up the same question to one of the current tech people at Pentax in Colorado. I was told that for just a simple operation like bluing up a sky, it would work fine. But for some other uses, like cutting through reflections, etc. it would not function accurately, while the circular type would.

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