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  1. Dear forum members,
    I have been blessed over Christmas with our 3rd baby. he is about 4 weeks old and still can't sit or support his neck on his own. I am wondering what can I use as equipment (chair, etc) so I can take some nice shots of him. If anyone of you have some experience with that please let me know. I tried the bouncer but it did not go well with the background drops that I have. Thanks ...
  2. Use a bassinet or crib with a towel or small pillow under his head/neck - try natural light if you have a location that may give you some nice soft light, or filtered through a sheer curtain or blinds.
  3. A thick towel wrapped in a U around your child may work or a boopie for this (used for supprting the baby for breast feeding). I've used both methods with my son when he was to young to support himself.
  4. what i would do is get a large wicker basket - fill it with rolled towels - make a U shape for this head or use a babybob and then conver it with a fuzzy blanket - set him in and shoot away...
  5. There are special "baby posers" that a couple of companies make. One I have (bought it second hand so I don't know who made it) is a big sculpted block of foam rubber that supports an infant and also has a hole cut into it so Mom's arm can go through and hold onto the baby as well without being seen. They are sometimes advertised in the back of Shutterbug magazine. You then cover the whole thing with a big baby blanket or other fabric. I didn't have this when my own kids were little so with them I used their infant car seat sitting on a table and covered with a big lacy baby blanket and a seamless gray backdrop a couple of feet behind the table. I've also used fake fur from the fabric shop -- it very long hair, looks like a polar bear bearskin.
  6. One month olds are certainly hard to pose. They aren't propping themselves up just yet and have often already lost the "curl" factor that is so adorable in newborns.
    The best positions are sometimes achieved when being held in a parents arms. If you are taking the photo, have baby's dad hold your baby and "pose" the baby for you. If dad is wearing a black shirt it looks really good with a black backdrop - the focus is on the baby and on dad's loving hands. The baby can lie on daddy's arm, be cradled against his chest, etc etc. All shots of babies are just adorable.
    If taking pics of baby on his own, they can lie on their back or tummy on a soft warm surface. The baby might try to lift his head if on their tummy and you can get that shot in that split second. Close-ups of the face and feet are wonderful. Take photos of your baby asleep in his bassinet - make sure no distracting objects are in the shot and that the colors are neutral. Have baby hold your wedding rings while sleeping - (they naturally "grab" things at this age) for a really touching photo. I'm attaching a shot I did of my own baby at about one month.
    Finally, pose baby with the siblings, since he is your third. A photo of all of your children at once is the best of all.
    Good luck and happy photo taking :)
  7. Oops, it just hit me, you ARE the dad. Just have mom pose the baby for the photos (with regards to above post) :)
  8. Sometimes, simple solutions work best.

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