Setting up i1 monitor calibration software

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  1. I'm confused. The software asks for a light source / has "d65" as default. - Is that what is built into the monitor? Or an assumption that stuff is lighting the room? Print judging Normlicht booth and room are lit with d55. - Should I select that for the monitor calibration?
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    YMMV: you’ll have to try different settings depending on your goal. See:

    Why are my prints too dark?

    A video update to a written piece on subject from 2013
    In this 24 minute video, I'll cover:
    Are your prints really too dark?
    Display calibration and WYSIWYG
    Proper print viewing conditions
    Trouble shooting to get a match
    Avoiding kludges that don't solve the problem

    High resolution:

    Low resolution:
  3. Thanks a lot Andrew. You got another like & Subscriber...
    I am still confused. Printing isn't really part of the plan here. How to color manage for web publishing? It seems we'd have to reduce brightness of monitors a whole lot to calibrate them according to the i1.
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    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    You can’t control what others see on the web;

    sRGB urban legend & myths Part 2

    In this 17 minute video, I'll discuss some more sRGB misinformation and cover:
    When to use sRGB and what to expect on the web and mobile devices
    How sRGB doesn't insure a visual match without color management, how to check
    The downsides of an all sRGB workflow
    sRGB's color gamut vs. "professional" output devices
    The future of sRGB and wide gamut display technology
    Photo print labs that demand sRGB for output

    High resolution:
    Low resolution on YouTube:
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    You might wish to calibrate to match a reference print (seen in my video) under a good illuminant or just a color managed preview you feel looks good to you. But you can't guarantee anyone else will see this on their end, from the web. Maybe start with cd/m^2 around 120-150, white point around D65. If too warm or cool for your taste, adjust IF the software allows you to do so.

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