Setting an Olympus EM camera to manual focus?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by fast_primes, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. I found the following reference on how to set an Olympus EM camera to manual.
    I followed the steps outlines and it worked. However, I'm left with two questions:
    1--how do I reset the camera (EM10) back to it's default state?
    2--is there a simpler way to switch to manual focus?
  2. For reference sake, I'm cutting and pasting the instructions from the above link:
    Using AF lenses in Manual Focus

    For many photographers, tweaking or just using manual focus with AF lenses is a normal thing.
    But, if you don’t set the camera properly, once you manually focus, a 1/2 press on the shutter wipes it all out.
    you must do 3 things to set the camera up so your shutter 1/2 press won’t activate AF.
    1. Change the “AEL/AFL” to Mode 3 (Menu/Gears/A/AEL/AFL/OK/S-AF/>Mode 3/OK)
    2. Make Fn1 to be your AF Button (Menu/Gears/B/OK/Button Functions/>/Fn1/>/”AEL/AFL”/OK)
    3. Change the AF Mode to “S-AF+MF” (Menu/Gears/A/AF Mode/OK/S-AF/>/”S-AF+MF”/OK)
    This will allow you to manually focus with the wired focus ring, and use the shutter button to take a meter reading and exposure. without the 1/2 press changing the manual focus you set.

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