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  1. Hello smart smart people,
    I have a website that is my photography business>
    Please take a quick look and give some constructive criticism ... but mainly on this:
    I have noticed that the site has scared off some potential wedding clients simply because my business does not specialize in it. I'm sure that brides most of the time want a dedicated wedding business to shoot their special day.
    So my question is this: Should I make a link in the site to ANOTHER site that is totally dedicated to weddings .... or should I keep it all together?
    Thanks so much,
  2. Rob, I get a "failed to open page"/"can't find the server" error when clicking on your link. (I'm using the current version of Mac OS 10.6 and current version of several browsers, including Safari and Firefox.)
  3. OOPS.
  4. There is absolutely nothing apparent regarding wedding photography when going to that page.
    Why would a Bride look any further?
  5. Brides want to see what you shoot. Period. If you do things other than weddings show them that also. What I find happens if you have 2 or 3 websites is that they get confused and try to figure out if you are the same Rob Gomez or a different Rob Gomez.
    It's also harder to maintain multiple sites then a single site.
  6. I would suggest changing Proofs to Galleries.......and $600 price for weddings, really? I agree that unless you have some wedding experience, it's a tough go. Read up more in the Wedding Forum.
  7. To amend what Mark said, I strongly believe you should change "Work" to "Galleries," and perhaps change "Proofs" to "Client Proofs," though I am less certain about that. (I will leave other suggestions to the wedding pros.)
  8. I do think there is something to be said for showing your entire range of work on your site, but perhaps have different landing pages for your different specialties. I have two different sites for my commercial work and weddings, since they are completely different buildings. But my portrait and wedding work are on the same site, with a full page slideshow landing page for each specialty.
    The way I see it, brides are looking at tons of sites, so if they have to hunt around to find wedding photos on your site, they probably will move along. Although for $600, you will probably get a decent number of budget shoppers.
  9. There is nothing on your current site that would be compelling to a wedding client. Aside from the handful of random shots in your "event" gallery, there is nothing that shows you have any actual wedding experience. You need to ask yourself, would you hire you?
    If your intent is to market wedding photography, you will need to reconsider your branding and overall marketing strategy. Running a business is more than just a "link" on a website. It's understanding your market position, your competition, and your brand. And, of course, you will need to be able to show some actual wedding work.
  10. I agree with everyone, this is good stuff.
    Yeah I am just getting started with all this, but I'm very serious about it and try not to be stubborn of what I do or need to change.
    It is hard to stay focused on my personal photography yet run a business that plays the game and has to give a broad bride audience what they want.
    I really do enjoy doing this: both my personal and wedding jobs.
    $600 I find is a good starting point from the experience I have. Yes, I haven't done a whole lot of weddings, but am good about delivering the photos as expected, as I explain to them the level of quality I give at the moment. I would like to hear more on pricing and site structure.

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