Sensor rattles about in a7riv.

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  1. The title sounds a bit dramatic, but that's exactly what's happening with my new (5 weeks old) a7r4. It probably did the same straight out of the box, and I've only just noticed it. It might be normal, but it certainly sounds disconcerting.

    Symptoms are: If the camera is tipped or gently shaken when powered off, a definite rattle can be heard. With the lens removed, this can clearly be seen to be caused by the sensor shifting up and down or side to side. As soon as the camera is turned on, the sensor jumps to a 'locked' position.

    I'm guessing that this behaviour is caused by the IBIS servos, that simply let the sensor flop about when not powered. However the amount of movement, and audible knocking noise from the sensor when the camera is gently jolted, doesn't look or sound like it was designed to do that.

    Anyone else have an a7riv that 'rattles'?

    Oh, I've also noticed that occasionally the focus will jump as the shutter is pressed when steadyshot is engaged. Presumably under command from the Z-axis servo. However, instead of keeping the same focus, it shifts the focus from where it was manually placed.
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  2. I read almost the exact same post about the A7RIII in another forum and a reply said it was normal. LINK
    Claim is it is the IBIS rattling when the power is off. I don't hear it when gently rotating the A7RIII myself, but I am not going to tempt fate and shake the camera like a rattle. So I imagine everyone now checking their cameras for rattle. I look forward to hearing others experience with their cameras.
  3. It is normal for the sensor to rattle somewhat when the camera is turned off. The motion is clearly damped and somewhat subdued. There is no "parked" position when the power is off. The same is true for OIS lenses of any make.

    I power up and place the camera in cleaning mode when cleaning the sensor, precisely to keep it from moving under pressure from the brush or swab.

    The sensor also vibrates in a self-cleaning operation when you first apply power, and occasionally when you shut down.
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  4. OK, thanks. That's slightly reassuring.
    No, me neither. However there are times - during transport for example - when some fairly violent shaking can't be avoided, and it's really this that worries me a little. Especially after reading the LensRentals blog where several Sony A7s were found to have broken or cracked sensor mounts.
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