Sensor Cleaning mode will not come up 20D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by kit_m., Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Hi, After carefully reading several excellent posts on this board, I have decided to try and
    clean my Canon 20D senor myself. However, following instructions on page 36 of the 20D
    manual, I cannot get the screen that has the option "Sensor clean" (as illustrated on this
    page). I have a fully charged battery, the camera is on, the lens removed, auto powerdown
    is off yet cannot get this option to appear.

    Recommendations for getting in this mode would be greatly appreciated!

  2. 1)Turn camera on

    2)Press 'Menu' on back

    3)Turn the big wheel on the back two clicks counter-clockwise... you should be in a yellow menu, second option from the end of the list- this is the 'Sensor Clean' option

    4)Press the button in the middle of the big button on the back... you'll get a window that tells you to turn the camera off after cleaning... hit 'Yes' or whatever it says to do...

    5) Remove your lens and clean away! Be careful, and make sure you know the dangers involved before you start! If you damage your sensor, there's nothing left to do but replace it! Good luck! (Still too afraid to clean mine, but I have opened it up and inspected it several times now)

  3. Hi- I've followed these instructions, however, in the Yellow Tools menu, the option to
    clean the sensor does not appear in the list at all. Is there some way to update software on
    my camera, might this be an issue?

    Thanks again
  4. Check your firmware version- it should be 2.0.3; if not, you can download an update through the canon website : <href>
  5. BTW, your firmware version is the last entry on the yellow 'tools' menu; if this doesn't help, you may want to contact Canon directly.

    Good luck!

  6. You must be in Green Mode. Put the camera in any other mode.

  7. Good call Pierre! Didn't even think about that one- that should do the trick... but why doesn't it work in green mode?
  8. Kit, I think you need to put the camera in one of the "creative" modes, TV,AV etc., to access the sensor cleaning process. Good luck.
  9. les


    "... but why doesn't it work in green mode?"

    The reason (my guess): Canon obviously assumed that people who use a DSLR in green mode probably do not know enough about their camera to mess with the sensor...
  10. I didn't see my follow up posted, so trying again. I was in the wrong mode (green and no flash). The Sensor Clean came up in the Creative Modes. Thanks all for your help.
  11. ps; also need to be in one of these modes to update/check the frimware version

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