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  1. greetings to all, quick question...i shot about 60 or something pics of my family at our annual family day...and i would like 2 send them all via email, however i'm seeking assistance on how 2 send all these pics in 1 email..(as an attacment,etc)..please help me...thanks 4 reading this!!
  2. simple: resize.
    there's no other way to fit what's likely to be between 30mb and 600mb in one email.
    i usually use faststone image viewer to quickly resize pictures if i'm not going to edit them.
    it can be downloaded for free at
    1. go to the right folder
    2. mark the right pictures
    3. batch process (i think it's called "batch convert")
    --->under additional options you can specify how big you want the pictures to be. I'd specify it based on LONG SIDE and probably no more than 2000 pixels. (for comparison, the vast majority of computer screens have less resolution!
    Basically repeat (with different resolutions) until desired attachment size is reached. Gmail allows for 20MB attachment in total i believe, but LOADS OF OTHERS allow a maximum of only 10MB.
    hope that helps
  3. in addition, to make it just ONE FILE, .zip it (=compress)
  4. thanks louis rose...but how do u compress in order 2 zip very new 2 my cam and or sending files..?
    that's a free program and it works really well.
    they have a video tutorial on that link as well.
    to zip the files, mark them all in the finder/explorer and right click ----> there should be an option compress as .zip/.rar/.......
  6. Sending that much by e-mail is generally a bad idea. Many people won't appreciate having to download large files, and many will find that their ISP or mail service won't take such large attachments.

    It's FAR better to find a place to post the images online (say, in the private web space provided by your carrier, or any of a lot of photo services) and them simply send them a link to where they can go look at them. They can quickly see smaller/thumbnail versions of the files, and they choose which of them - if any - they're rather save locally as larger versions to print, etc.

    Don't sent the big pile of data to a long list of people. Just put the data in one place, and send them info on how to go look at it when it's convnenient for them.
  7. Matt is correct.
    Don't even think about it.
  8. [[Don't sent the big pile of data to a long list of people. Just put the data in one place, and send them info on how to go look at it when it's convnenient for them.]]
    Indeed. Upload these to a photo site like flickr or smugmug then email family and friends the link to the album.
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    Matt beat me to it. Not everybody will be interested in every image. Just post them to some web site, and the URL can only be known to that small group of people. They can download whatever image they are interested in.
  10. Flickr the images and send the link. Sending huge emails is bad netiquette as it fouls up mail servers and makes the recipients wait for the huge email to download. Also, typing complete words is better than substituting numbers unless you're texting on a cell phone.
  11. Another option beyond Flickr, Photobucket, etc. is to upload the images to a site like those and then create a free blog site somewhere. I use Google's Blogger, several templates to set up from, then you can link in the photos from your "file cabinet" photo storage website (Flickr, Photobucket, etc). I don't permit anyone to get into my Photobucket account, I only use it to warehouse images, I have my account there password protected. For display, I use the Blogger account to show off my photos. (I don't publicize my Blogger account, either. I only use it for friends and relatives.) When I chose a Blogger template, I eliminated most of the template text boxes and other on-screen features, and those I kept (mainly the entry archive box) I sent to the bottom of the template. This permits as much screen space as possible for the photos. I really don't like blog sites used for showing photos and the photos are no bigger than wallet size photos- what's the point? Can't show 'em off that way. I have my settings at Photobucket to upload from my computer at a 800x600 resolution, so when I grab an image from Photobucket and insert it into the blog it fills the screen of a 15" laptop monitor with photograph, typical images are 8" hor. x 5"+ vert. MUCH better than looking at a photo that's the size of a business card.
    Okay, if you promise not to tell the whole darn world about it, here's my blog site so you can see the end result of what I've been talking about.
  12. Picasa has not been mentioned. You can choose to upload your pics into a hidden folder, which can only be seen by others with the correct link.
    Then, you only send them people an e-mail with the correct link (=URL). They can download those pics they like. You can choose the file size while uploading.
    Picasa is for free, but there has to be a downside, right ?
    Here it is: While installing Picasa on your machine, it will ask if it should scan all drives or only your desktop and 'my files'. Choose that second option and make sure before installing that you do not have all your pics in 'my files'. Choose the first option if you go on a 2 weeks holiday while Picasa is scanning :)
    G'luck, Georg
  13. I use Fotki for similar sharing of images Their free accounts have lots of space, images can be quickly uploaded through one of their uploaders, images can be sized as you wish (within limits), images can be viewed individually or with the built in side viewer, they event have a capability to order prints. You can make the albums public, private, or by invitation only. They also provide stats - how many visitors and image views. And its all free! No affiliation with Fotki, just a happy user.
  14. I usually just go to Photoscape and reduce the size of all of them to 200 - 500 mb each enabling me to send anywhere from 60-80 in one go. Then, if somebody wants any in particular for printing or whatever, I can send them the full-size originals.
  15. 60 pictures? It would be good to edit them down to a manageable number and avoid boring much of your audience. Cull out the bad exposures, blurred shots, etc. Pick the best photo out of a series that are similar. 12-18 is a good quantity. Your reputation as a photographer will be enhanced to show only the good stuff and your subjects in the best light.
  16. I'll have to re define my taking pics for a couple of night life can i email all those pic i jus one folder or so?(for example if i have about 60 pic)...? Thanks for all the responses...Much appreciated!
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    You got the answer above, you don't. You upload them to a site that people can pull them from.

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